Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Way She Wrapped

This holiday season, I'm rethinking my approach to Christmas wrapping. Usually, I buy pretty paper and go crazy with textile bows and perfectly tucked corners. I'm kind of board of that, and I'd like to make my gifts a little more personal this year, as I'm doing my best to shop locally, or via Etsy. I'm tired of big box chain stores and the same old, same old. I find these gifts to be so exposable, no matter the cost. These days, we finally have wonderful access to beautifully handcrafted gifts at all price points, that don't necessarily have to break the bank.

Gift giving is my love language and there is nothing better than finding something made with real love and real hands! It also doesn't make the Christmas frenzy feel so commercial, so consumer crazy. I want to take some social responsibility in my purchases, using our hard earned dollars towards something that actually means something, made by someone with real artistic abilities and love for their craft. So this year, creative wrapping should match my creative gifting, right?

When I was a little girl, my mom was a Christmas goddess. She went all out decorating our home, mostly with things she had made with her hands, like our amazing nativity scene I plan to put up in our this year (pictures to come). For several years she used only crisp white paper with luscious red bows. At the time, I thought it was so boring, and just wanted to use the colourful and crazy store bought gift wrap everyone else had, but now I totally get her vision and appreciate her fine taste. She had such an individual style, and could be so particular about it, but she always made such a statement. She had a hell of a time sourcing out that white paper back in the late 80's to early 90's, but she somehow tracked it down every year. What a woman.

Today, I love things that are a bit different. They carry a higher energy, and seem to always create beautiful memories and can possibly become heirlooms.

Here are some ideas via pinterest sure to tickle your holiday fancy-

For the word nerd. 

Just like my mama's, but in gorgeous olive green- love. 
All totally re-useable.  

I think I may become a yarnoholic.

'Brown paper packages wrapped up with string- these are a few of my favourite things!' Hope these ideas inspire you to do a little something different this year. I also love the idea of using toppers that are reusable, and paper that u can keep around to use for other crafts for the kids and DIY projects. Like they say, isn't it all about the packaging? Receiving a gift that is wrapped with a little creativity and love makes whatever is inside extra special. So on that note, happy wrapping!

Thanks for inspiring me mom. You were always so ahead of your time. xo

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