Sunday, December 11, 2011

Deck the Halls

I love the transformation our home goes through at Christmas time. I enjoy putting away the everyday decor to make room for the festive garb that feels like treasures all around the house. Lights, oh little white lights, how I love you too. I can't wait until the dusk arrives, so I can plug you sparkly little suckers in. You make my home feel so cozy.

Morgan loves all the decorations too, and we've made it her job to plug in the lights, which she has taken very seriously. Like a pro, she tiptoes behind the Christmas tree, sure to not disturb the hanging pretties, disappears behind its massiveness and soon, viola! The tree lights up, and out she prances with the same bright and beautiful glimmer in her eyes. Makes my heart smile every time.

My mom captured the Christmas spirit for us kids like no other. Decorating our home was a big to-do, always with a smile, the smell of baking, amazing music, a heap of patience and an eye for such Christmas beauty. I hope to pass on all this love and excitement to my kids. xo

Bye, Bye Movember

Covey's 5-months old!

Well, I'm kind of glad November is over, and December has arrived with its usual bells and bop-tale wings! I was so excited to put up the Christmas tree this year with Morgan. As a little girl, decorating the tree was my favourite holiday past-time. Pulling out all the special decorations, hanging the stockings and adding a little extra festive charm and sparkle is so good for the soul. I love getting creative and changing it up a little each year. The traditions are wonderful and necessary, but a new flair here and there is welcome in our home. Any excuse to be creative, I'm a fan of!

Here are a few pics before our home will be drenched in Christmas cheer. The kids have been keeping me busy, but we've all managed to get through Movember, with a few less kisses than normal. I'm so happy to see daddy's moustache take a long hiatus until next year. You made us proud babe, your stash was no slouch.:)

He loves his Jolly Jumper, just like Morgan did. If he could talk, he'd say, "Mommy, this is jumptastic!" Keep jumping honey, gives mommy a nice little break!

She is obsessed with nail polish, and is actually really good at applying it!? Ha! Her precision is amazing, so I let her do my toes. She is in heaven. Its really cute.

She practices her 'dingward-dog' everyday!


Morgan's Bestie, Nathan

Morgan and Nathan at 6-months old

The kids and I spent the day at my dear friend Suz's, along with her little ones, Nathan and the newest addition, Athena. You'll see her in the pics below. She is an absolute beauty! Takes your breath away really. Athena and Cove are only 2-weeks a part. Suzanne and I met at mom and baby yoga when Morgan and Nathan were just 4-months old. Since, they've been the best of buddies, participating in gymnastics together and many wild play-dates. Man, have they ever grown since this picture above!
Suz and I are on the left with our little pumpkin and superman:) Then we have Charlene and her little Mickey Mouse, Maddox, and then my good girlfriend and fellow blogger extraordinare (visit her at Sappy Apple-, Krystin with her wee bee, Linus. Love you girls!

Suz and Nathan at Morgan's 1st birthday.

Hahaha, this one cracks me up!

The mom and baby yoga class I used to teach.
Feels like forever ago now. Loved this.

Suzanne's and I's friendship was effortless from the get-go, she is quite the girl. I'm so thankful Suz and I went through our entire 2nd pregnancies together. Now we're both juggling our families of four, keeping each other sane in the process. Right, Suz? We have daily calls updating each other on sleep (or no sleep for that matter) nursing, poop and everything else mommy. Never mind, the endless text messaging. Its a riot.

I've just love having her along for the journey. She often drops over with a yummy Starbucks in the morning, we meet up at Cafe O Play sometimes on Fridays, and I head over and hang for the afternoon when Brydon is on the work, work, work train. We kind of keep each other together when things get crazy. Which they often do with a new baby and two-year-old. Suz, you are the best, girl!

The beautiful, Athena, wow hey!

Nathan and Morgan- cutiepatooties

Crib snuggling- we're grooming them for marriage, really;)

By the end of the day, these two were the gong show

Suz made the best homemade spaghetti sauce and greens and berry salad for dinner. The kids loved it, but I think I loved it even more. YUM. I just love this girl to bits. Her kids are wonderful and she's just a gem of a friend. Thanks for the amazing day. We always find the laughter in the insanity, don't we! xo