Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby's Nursery

I had so much fun putting this nursery together- tricky to keep it gender neutral, but I think we succeeded. It is such a tiny room, and I mean itty bitty- doesn't even have a closet, so we had to be smart about storage, and I'm sure we'll be squeezing more in as time goes by. The nursery was inspired by the tiffany blue dresser my husband sanded, painted and refurbished all by himself- turned out amazing considering he's never done anything like that before. Now- baby you can come anytime-pleeease.

38-weeks and about to burst. Would love to see that baby in
the crib, instead of my belly now.

This dude is so cool.

My hubby picked up this beauty for free when one of his clients didn't want it anymore. I was more than happy to take it off their hands and give it a makeover.

Pom poms over the crib!
Baby will love these happy balls.

Maggie and Colin- Baby's little monsters

Love this little glass birdie vase I picked up at Urban Barn-
gotta get a blooming stem in there asap.

Can't wait to spell a name!

Bird pillow I want to pick up for the crib.
Ohhh, ahhhh.

I've always loved vintage inspired crystal hardware,
so this dresser was getting them no matter what.
So lovely with the blue, don't you think.

The mirror adds more light to the room and I love its finishing. It hangs right over the change table so we can play peek-a-boo baby!

Picked up these storage boxes from Homesense. They have such a unique nature pattern on them- fresh, and just right.

I wanted the nursery to have real plants in it, so I picked up these sweet pots and butterfly plants from Ikea, love the element of nature in there- I hope they thrive. The yellow lantern was an impulse buy. They've been available at Ikea for ages, but I've never seen one in yellow before, this was the last one so I snapped it up and hoped it would fit in somewhere. I think it likes its new home very much.

My little princess taking a bath this morning after our walk (my waddle) to the park. Before she knows it, she'll be a big sister and will have to share her bath time! She loves the shower nozzle and thinks she's like mommy and daddy. She says, "Look mommy, I'm showering!" so proud and precious.

She always separates her big toe from the rest of her toes like that- kind of funny, had to capture it.

Well, everything is ready, hope you like it. Just gotta have a baby now................any day now....maybe any minute now............hope he or she likes the space mommy, Morgan and daddy created. I know we do! I'm ready, like really ready, so hopefully its not too much longer- I'll keep you posted! xo

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