Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tricker Treat

Not sure why these pics are loading soooo tiny, but here is a 'little' glimpse into our Halloween this year. Uncle Landon and I dressed up as wizards and took Morgan out tricker-treating, until daddy came home and took her out for another round. Lucky girl. She was so excited and ecstatic that Cove was too little to participate;)

It took her a few houses to get into it, but before we knew it, she didn't want to go home and begged for 'just one more house, pleeeease'. Two buckets full of candy later, our ladybug still wanted to be out and about. She also handed out candy this year, which was soooo cute to watch. Almost better than the tricker treating...maybe. She'd give a massive handful to one kid, and then just ONE to another- hilarious. I was right next to her trying to even it all out. The kids got a kick out her too. Although, they had to be a little more patient. Fortunately, we have some really friendly ones in the neighbourhood.

I just love halloween. The creativity, the wild decorations, the awesome fresh air (gotta be tough here in Canada to Tricker Treat, although it was pretty nice out this year), and of course the candy is pretty naughty, but I love checking out what's cool, different, and the sorting! Well, that's the best part. Rationing Morgan is going to be tricky, but a must! She has such a sweet tooth:)

A few pics from around the house these days.

Into the lip gloss already, lil stinker.

Dorothy and Toto.

Laundry, laundry, laundry.
It never ends, does it.

They melt me.

Hope you all had a super safe and fun Halloween. xo

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