Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby's Nursery

I had so much fun putting this nursery together- tricky to keep it gender neutral, but I think we succeeded. It is such a tiny room, and I mean itty bitty- doesn't even have a closet, so we had to be smart about storage, and I'm sure we'll be squeezing more in as time goes by. The nursery was inspired by the tiffany blue dresser my husband sanded, painted and refurbished all by himself- turned out amazing considering he's never done anything like that before. Now- baby you can come anytime-pleeease.

38-weeks and about to burst. Would love to see that baby in
the crib, instead of my belly now.

This dude is so cool.

My hubby picked up this beauty for free when one of his clients didn't want it anymore. I was more than happy to take it off their hands and give it a makeover.

Pom poms over the crib!
Baby will love these happy balls.

Maggie and Colin- Baby's little monsters

Love this little glass birdie vase I picked up at Urban Barn-
gotta get a blooming stem in there asap.

Can't wait to spell a name!

Bird pillow I want to pick up for the crib.
Ohhh, ahhhh.

I've always loved vintage inspired crystal hardware,
so this dresser was getting them no matter what.
So lovely with the blue, don't you think.

The mirror adds more light to the room and I love its finishing. It hangs right over the change table so we can play peek-a-boo baby!

Picked up these storage boxes from Homesense. They have such a unique nature pattern on them- fresh, and just right.

I wanted the nursery to have real plants in it, so I picked up these sweet pots and butterfly plants from Ikea, love the element of nature in there- I hope they thrive. The yellow lantern was an impulse buy. They've been available at Ikea for ages, but I've never seen one in yellow before, this was the last one so I snapped it up and hoped it would fit in somewhere. I think it likes its new home very much.

My little princess taking a bath this morning after our walk (my waddle) to the park. Before she knows it, she'll be a big sister and will have to share her bath time! She loves the shower nozzle and thinks she's like mommy and daddy. She says, "Look mommy, I'm showering!" so proud and precious.

She always separates her big toe from the rest of her toes like that- kind of funny, had to capture it.

Well, everything is ready, hope you like it. Just gotta have a baby now................any day now....maybe any minute now............hope he or she likes the space mommy, Morgan and daddy created. I know we do! I'm ready, like really ready, so hopefully its not too much longer- I'll keep you posted! xo

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Key to My Heart

Photo credit: Kiss the Groom

What Do You Love?
In no particular order...

love KISSES sweet dreams CHOCOLATE laughter SYDNEY my children BALLOONS hot tea BEAUTIFUL SHOES whispers CHERRIES neck rubs HOME smiles GIFT WRAP my camera NUTELLA AND STRAWBERRIES lazy afternoons FAMILY PHOTOS snuggles EUROPE naps HUGS a long walk with no where to go CREAM ANYTHING shells SCRAMBLED EGGS honey MAUI scarves BEING PRESENT vanilla YOGA my dad OLD DOORS tissue paper TULIPS clean sheets MORNING LIGHT windows SLEEPING IN mother goose GOOFING AROUND easter TRAVELLING a well-tailored red coat GRASS honesty LEMONS tenderness MY HUSBAND baths TREES pink lemonade KINDNESS shopping ESSENTIAL OILS the soft space nestled just between being awake & asleep GENUINE AFFECTION ocean SPARKLES poetry SWEETNESS the country-side SEA-SALT wood burning fire places HORSES music DISNEY decorating DANCING kiwis TENDERNESS kisses for no reason at all BELLINIS down comforters MUSIC humility COLD PINEAPPLE swimming FRIENDSHIP sweet peas LAVENDER grand cayman MOVIES berries ORGANIC ANYTHING sugar snap peas SAND BENEATH MY TOES sunglasses LOBSTER cheese JEWELRYorganization with just a hint of chaos LOYALTY expressive eyes AVOCADOS mountains HOT POOLS hand written letters on pretty paper MASCARA the perfect pair of jeans VINTAGE FURNITURE cards CARAMILK the sound of my husbands voice RAINY DAYS affection TRUTH memories FAMILY yellow HANDMADE QUILTS flip-flops LIFE artists GARDENS deep dark chocolate SELFLESSNESS unexpected blessings FAIRIES swings APPRECIATION wedding dresses GENTLENESS holding hands ROMANCE newborn babies LAUGHING wood floors CURLS somewhere over the rainbow PAINTING hot cocoa SEX pillows HOPE a good book & time to read it YOGURT soft kisses SPOONING old friends TOMATOES unexpected generosity ROCKS beautiful lingerie SOFT LINENS my wedding ring WRITING wishes INSPIRATION pretty backyards TEARS sprinklers BUBBLES my hands CLOUDS ketchup chips SUNSHINE feeling my babies kick inside me BIRTH cobblestone QUIET TIME soft housecoats MY MOM beach towels BOOK STORES waterfalls BUTTERFLIES potions LAUGHING morgan COOKING eating SINGING ginger-ale & orange juice MY HUSBAND'S FACE baby toes SOFT SKIN farmer's markets BUNNIES lemon meringue WOOD bumblebees MASON JARS candles MARSH-MELLOWS calligraphy HOT SHOWERS popsicles VACATIONS loveliness DR PEPPER magazines DRESSING UP dressing down BIRD HOUSES wineries LONG LASHES day dreaming NATURE WALKS bedtime stories



Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day Brydon- 2011

Happy Father's Day Brydon.

Our wedding day- Aug. 4th, 2007.
This October, we will have been together for 10-years!
Love this man...

Photo Credit: pinterest
When he comes home, I light up inside.
I sent Morgan to the lake this weekend with his pillow- he, he.
She loves it and doesn't even want to
share it with him! He doesn't mind one bit.

Its been raining like mad all weekend, all week really. But it couldn't be any greener in our neighbourhood, and I as much as I'd prefer the sun, the air is fresh and clean, and our newly sodded yard looks spectacular. This weekend was truly dedicated for nesting. Brydon's mom and dad took Morgan to the lake so we could tie up some big last to do's around the house, like paint the nursery (I know, we've left it so late, it's been driving me nuts), hang the curtains (so my home birth doesn't turn into a block party) and get all the baby laundry DONE.

Here is my yuka taking a nice little shower. Looks so happy, doesn't he? In 2003, when we did our yoga training in Costa Rica, the first evening it poured over the massice thatch dojo, drenching the rainforest with a musical cleanse, thundering until the clouds were content in the morning. Our gurus shared that a big rain signifies change and growth, and boy were they right. Its rained this entire week, and I know my voyage is about to hit shore (hopefully glide-in, preferably) and life is about to change drastically once again. SO excited and a touch anxious all in the same cherry bowl.

I had no signs of pre-labor with Morgan and so far none with this one either. Suddenly my water broke and boom I was in full-on labor. I wonder how its going to happen this time? The mystery is so incredible and just 'so life'. Once this nursery is totally set up tonight, I'm going to have a little whisper with this darling in my belly, letting him or her know her sanction is ready and she is welcome anytime.

Its been so nice to have the weekend to ourselves,
and so easy to get things done!
But...I still miss her.
She'll be home this afternoon.

Chef Morgan.

38-weeks today and going strong!


This was my afternoon pick-me-up snack yesterday-
a perfect mix between devilish and delish,
especially on a rainy day.

Photo Credit: lil bee
Love this photo- such a subtle and
powerful image of love and friendship.

Photo Credit: Kiss the Groom
Cuddling equals happiness in our home.
Happy Father's day babe. You are so loved.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy birthday Sandi- how deeply
my life has been enriched with you in it now.

This is the first picture I ever saw of my birth mother- it was like looking in the mirror. I remember thinking- this has to be her, it just has to. Writing that first letter to introduce myself and to see if I even found the right Sandi Palmer was nerve-racking and heart-leaping all in one. I couldn't feel more blessed and excited to spend more time with the woman who was courageous enough to gift me to another mommy and daddy. We have so much to catch up on- a whole life time. Looking forward to every minute, just wish there was two of me!

Happy birthday. Love you. xx

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vacationing at Home

Well, I think home is mostly where I'll be this summer, adjusting to the new baby's schedule and juggling two munchkins. How I would love to be heading to Penticton to bake on Skaha beach with the kiddies and hubby for a couple weeks, or maybe some time in sunny California, but not this summer. I get to meet my new baby instead- darn, hey. What's the secret pleasure of every vacation anyways? Coming home.

I plan to savour the long summer evenings, indulge in plenty of watermelon and impromptu desserts, involving chasing the drips down a cone. Here are some summer goodies that put a smile on my face. I can't believe we only have 4-months of the bliss. Can't say I want to stay in this climate forever. In the mean time, I'll soak up every warm minute I've got, just waiting for this baby. Man, my belly is huge. Can't believe I gotta push this darling out- ouchie.

(photo credits- ritzy bee and pinterest)
Like seriously, gonna whip these babies up this week with some honey and fresh lemon- so refreshing! A whole tray just for me please.

Veggie skewers? Forget about it- these look much tastier. What a perfect party treat, easy to eat and delish. I'm a sucker for anything that resembles a rainbow. Its my inner 7-year-old. Love her.

Summer toes- oh so pretty.

May have to pick up this light from Ikea for the
babies room. Love the coral and ruffled curtains too.
Coral- what a nice change from pink.

Perfect for a baby shower, or just to make yourself
and slip into baby's keepsake album.

Love this gorgeous design of extra storage.
Could really use it right now.
Linens, lightbulbs, craft supplies, junk, whatever.

Someone has a great sense of humour, love this.

We went to the Sugarbowl today for a week-early Father's Day brunch.

Its amazing to share such an intense love for our child. This morning, I told her to go wake up daddy. "Morgan go wake up that sleeping beauty," I said. So she jumped on top of him and said, "Wake up, STINKY BOOTIE." That definitely woke him up.

Here are some other great Father's Day ideas:

He, he.

How cute is that!

Below- To leave you with something sweet. Need I say anything? Like, yum. May have to bake these for him next Sunday.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Maternity Pictures 36-weeks

We had such a fun afternoon yesterday, snapping away at my big belly. I let go of my semi-control freak ways, (usually I'd ask to see every picture after its taken, etc, etc.) but this time, I just let my husband do his thing with a few suggestions here and there. I must say, I think he not only captured the belly, but also the intimacy, the love and this very special moment in time- for soon it'll all be over, and yet just the beginning- no more belly, but a divine baby to hold and love.

I'm a little shy to share... but I truly believe that every pregnancy is sacred and beautiful. I would have loved to get more with Morgan, but she was far too busy zooming around, causing trouble and plenty of laughter. Amazing how our bodies morph into a whole new shape, curves and humps everywhere, exactly how its supposed to be. If you are expecting, I hope this gives you some different ideas of what just you and your hubby can do with your own camera in the comfort and ease of your own home. Enjoy. xx

I'm so glad that red balloon snuck into the picture.

Together again, we are about to welcome another precious child into the universe. What an honour. I'm so glad its with him.