Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vacationing at Home

Well, I think home is mostly where I'll be this summer, adjusting to the new baby's schedule and juggling two munchkins. How I would love to be heading to Penticton to bake on Skaha beach with the kiddies and hubby for a couple weeks, or maybe some time in sunny California, but not this summer. I get to meet my new baby instead- darn, hey. What's the secret pleasure of every vacation anyways? Coming home.

I plan to savour the long summer evenings, indulge in plenty of watermelon and impromptu desserts, involving chasing the drips down a cone. Here are some summer goodies that put a smile on my face. I can't believe we only have 4-months of the bliss. Can't say I want to stay in this climate forever. In the mean time, I'll soak up every warm minute I've got, just waiting for this baby. Man, my belly is huge. Can't believe I gotta push this darling out- ouchie.

(photo credits- ritzy bee and pinterest)
Like seriously, gonna whip these babies up this week with some honey and fresh lemon- so refreshing! A whole tray just for me please.

Veggie skewers? Forget about it- these look much tastier. What a perfect party treat, easy to eat and delish. I'm a sucker for anything that resembles a rainbow. Its my inner 7-year-old. Love her.

Summer toes- oh so pretty.

May have to pick up this light from Ikea for the
babies room. Love the coral and ruffled curtains too.
Coral- what a nice change from pink.

Perfect for a baby shower, or just to make yourself
and slip into baby's keepsake album.

Love this gorgeous design of extra storage.
Could really use it right now.
Linens, lightbulbs, craft supplies, junk, whatever.

Someone has a great sense of humour, love this.

We went to the Sugarbowl today for a week-early Father's Day brunch.

Its amazing to share such an intense love for our child. This morning, I told her to go wake up daddy. "Morgan go wake up that sleeping beauty," I said. So she jumped on top of him and said, "Wake up, STINKY BOOTIE." That definitely woke him up.

Here are some other great Father's Day ideas:

He, he.

How cute is that!

Below- To leave you with something sweet. Need I say anything? Like, yum. May have to bake these for him next Sunday.


  1. What a great blog, once again... everything looks yummy, and the light is fabulous. Morgan is hilarious... wake up stinky bootie!!!! Too too funny. xo

  2. Thanks Darcie! I love all the pretty, happy colours. That's what summer is all about right- and life really! xo