Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Going on a Bear Hunt

I'm happy I finally got around to this blog post. Its such a wonderful reminder to how much fun we had on our camping trip to Jasper with the Parkview crew in August. I know, slightly behind on the posts to say the least, but these pictures are so beautiful and all these children are so sweet, I had to get this one up! We camped just outside of Jasper for 4 days. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and thank goodness, because we were tenting it.

A bit chilly, honey?

'Quick! Get me naked and in that creek before I pass out.' 

I swear this guy just keeps getting 
more handsome as time goes on. 
I kind of like the beard.

Cheers to our virgin daiquiris. 
What are drinking boxes anyways?

Brave girls loved cliff diving. 

Working up that courage. 

I've never known a kid to love his life jacket so much.
He could sleep in it. 

Cheering on her buddies. 

'Mommy, its so exhausting being this cute.' 


If you wont let me jump, i'll see you cats later. 

No, I don't love the camera, 
and I'm not sweet either.

This is love.

Darling Sarah. Her mommy and daddy rocked the wing ding challenge,
 and brought the most delicious homemade cookies. I think I gobbled about nine...maybe more. 

Forgotten windmill. 

He didn't like the chilly mornings so much. 

Goin on a bear hunt.
Correction from Morgan- ACORN HUNT. 

Handsome James. 
So helpful and always with a smile. 

Two words- old soul.  

When all else fails, play in the dirt.  

Nickerson grill breakfast.  

Kind of felt bad he was the ONLY boy out of 12 little ones. 
Hahaha. But he rocked this pink wagon.
We gotta stay in this neighbourhood just for his sake.

Munchkin table. 

We celebrated Sutherland's birthday, 
and since she's a glamour girl like her pretty mama, we did nails of course. 

James is saying, "Alright ladies, just focus on the 
high-heel, and don't whack each other."

Strategy advice. 

It wasnt all roughin it. The boys dominated while the mama's snuck away to The Jasper Park Lodge to celebrate Jodie's birthday. We sent the birthday girl to the spa for the morning, and then we all met up for lunch on the patio. What a beautiful day spent with fabulous women.

I'd never grow tired of this pristine view. 
Now give me a robe and lets stay a few nights please. 

I feel blessed to call these ladies my neighbours and dear friends. Not exactly the camping crew you'd call old-pros, but we made it. ALL of us. Love you girls.

She was in her element. Friends, family and the great outdoors. 
I think we might have to do this every summer-
The Parkview Annual Camping Adventure

Run free lil nature bugs. 
Just don't run into any BEARS.