Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some Kind of Wonderful

Our Darling Cove
His calm demeanour echos his name.
We are all loving him up to bits,
Morgan too.

My sister Taylor got this bear made for Cove. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. How special. Thanks Tay Tay, love you.

Yes, his daddy is a Flames fan...
born and bred- not his fault!

Snaps of around the house.

That's the thing about a summer baby, you don't get out much. Our home is our cool sanction, actually more like our dry sanction with all the rain this summer. At least we have plenty of windows to let July's uplifting light in.

Top shelf- Colin, Maggie and Bob the robot,
Cove's future buddies.

I have a feeling his favourite number may just be 23.

Oh sweet ladybug.

Her hair- as angelic and soft as spun silk

Thought I'd encapsulate my feet at 30.

Brydon's Great Grandfather's pocket watch.

I call this my 'boobie clock'. It sits by his rocker and keeps me half-sane knowing what time it is in the middle of the night and between feeds. Time is a tickin, and no matter who tired I feel, I know that it will tick, tick by- bye. I love capturing these pics to savour our little family. I know too well that this is only a fraction of a flash in the vast stretch of time. A very precious flash indeed. Hold near and dear what you treasure...its my constant mantra.

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