Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Morgan's 2nd Birthday Soiree- Mexican Fiesta

My little darling is no longer a baby- she's officially 2-years old as of 18th of this month- I can hardly believe it. On Saturday we celebrated her birthday with close friends and family. A Mexican fiesta seemed to suit the celebratory soirée. So with ponchos, tacos, face-paint, and of course a cactus piñata- the birthday party was a smash of a good time.

The weather started a little uneasy with some grumpy clouds and a few sprinkles here and there, but the sky cleared and the sun beamed down on our little seniors and senioritas. With festive colours and a lively crowd of excited munchkins the afternoon flew by. The heat and humidity spiked mid-day, but the cold red wine cherry-lime Sangria, dilly bars, ice-cream sandwiches, old fashioned root-beer, cream soda, orange pop, and some shade thanks to some lovely old trees, kept everyone in carefree fiesta mode.

Here are some of my fav pics from the day!

Treat bags! God, I loved those as a kid.

Love mexican banners- AKA- 'happy paper'

My three very good mama friends- Mary-jo, Suz and Jeanna who I met through teaching mom and baby yoga with our little ones when they were just 4-months old. Mauh! xx

Jackson and Danica hiding out in the play tunnel.

Leala with her precious daughter Indigo. They came to Morgan's 1st birthday party last May, and are always such a whimsical, loving addition to our posse of loved ones.

This uber sweet little wicker set is going to be very popular for tea parties in our backyard this summer! Could have gotten it in all pink, but I couldn't say no to the yellow sofa, it's dreamy, like sitting on sunshine.

Sweet, sweet Nathan,
AKA- Morgan's boyfriend,
a little shy at first but he claimed his girl in no time.

The kiddies loved having there own place to chill-
a great way to make amigos.

The pinata was hilarious. Morgan was so gentle, but totally into it.
I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Pure entertainment.

A savage at the job. He he.

The other kids could hardly wait to take their smack at it.
So much suspense, Brydon had to use his sandals
as a line to keep them back!

Little January taking her killer swing.

Ready to dominate this cactus.

Go Mia!
(Our gorgeous flower girl from our wedding-
not so little anymore)

Morgan was so content to open every present, even the cards!
The guests were loving the birthday present frenzy.

Nathan was like her gift opening support-
sat there the whole time, just happy to be next to his #1 girl.

Having a snuggle with Uncle Ryan and Auntie Domi.
She sure loved her Very Fairy Princess Book.

My birth parents- Sandi and Rob!
What a trip. How wonderful.

Suz's beautiful baby belly in the background.

Love this pic of my two sisters, Kenzie and Taylor
soaking in the bliss of watching their niece open her gifties.

So into these little pound puppies.
Like, obsessed.

Yipee! New shades.

I seriously want to have a Mexican fiesta for my adult friends.
An annual thing we do in our backyard every summer.
I think it would be a blast.

Darling Indigo.

Indigo and her Anika brought their face paints-
what a perfect birthday surprise!
The kids loved it, thank you!!!

Can you believe how much she's changed! We can't. I must pinch myself a hundred times a day- all the amazing moments- so tiny and yet so incredible. Happy 2nd birthday sweetheart. Mommy and daddy love you to the ends of the universe and back. xxxxx

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

This is the day to look up to the heaven's
and praise the universe for the gift of mommies.

Although my mom doesn't get to play an active roll in my life due to her awful battle with Multiple Sclerosis, she is carried in the centre of my soul everyday. I dreamt about all the lovely contents in her jewelry box last night, and missed her horribly. You can really tell a lot about a woman by her jewelry.

In her health, she was the most vibrant, adventurous, loving, independent, giving, compassionate and knock down pretty woman you've ever seen. Today, she is the most courageous person I've ever known. Because of her- I have a deep, deep appreciation for my mobility, freedom and the fact that I can get out of bed every morning to be with my family. Never mind, everything else she has ever taught me.

I love you mom. I love you dearly.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tipis and Emerald Green Doors

As summer approaches, we can't figure out where we are going to stay at the lake this year. We have a gorgeous tipi that is large enough to sleep twelve, but with a 2-year and a new born, it would be kind of nice to have something with running water and a toilet- I'm not one for getting up at 3am to pee in the bush, although I've done it...more often than you can imagine.

With Brydon's business and a new baby, splurging on a trailer is nutty right now, plus they're not my fav. Something about the narrow rectangular shape, pre-fab glued walls and BAD ruffled window coverings- just not my thing. As convenient as they are, I'd like to wait to put up a modest cabin, and I mean modest.

Little hideaway- pretty sweet. Anyone want to come out
for a tipi party. I've been meaning to plan one forever!
We can paint our faces, make smores, dance into morning.

This pic is from Pinterest-
can you imagine having this badass play cabin as a kid!

This looks like the little bunk house we have down at the lake right now. The three of us stayed in it last year, but the sleeping arrangements weren't great for Morgan, as she'd wake up every time we'd sneak in and out. The four of us in there this year? NOPE, not going to happen. Ours isn't nearly as sweet as this one, but I have dreams to fix her up and make her pretty. Love the honey comb paving stones too!

This is actually the coolest cake.
But lets just leave it as that- a cake,
not my place at the lake, thank you.

I'll be doing this a lot this summer. Love this pic from The lil Bee, so cute. I may be a little more covered around the family though! Or not.

Great sustainable use for those rubber boats they outgrow!

Another great pic off Pinterest-
I need this t-shirt!

This was Morgan last Mother's Day- I can't believe how much she's changed! She was such a sweet baby. Can't wait to snap some new pics this Mother's Day. I just gaze at her with awe- I love being her mommy. I feel so thankful. I love her to the moon and back times a million.

The exterior of our house is being done right now and I need to pick a front door asap. Picking a front door is like decorating a really important cake- its that last touch that pulls everything together- the final statement of your taste- the home's smile, the home's anchor. In other words, don't F-IT-UP. I love the high-gloss on this classic black door, never mind the unconventional turquoise- gorgeous!

This light bluey green door is divinely serene- a rare sight. I'm also a lover for door accessories- knockers, medallions etc. The round stone ball on the corner of the pillar is beautiful too, I'm a sucker for anything round like that- especially made out of natural materials. So soft on the eyes...and soul.

Maybe I should just do something totally wild like this... makes me want to float through in a white gypsy skirt with essential oils in my braid...sounds lovely, right.