Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spooktacular Halloween

The magic of Halloween...

I love how they did up the front steps of this house. Its tasteful, welcoming and cozy. It would be the first house I'd hit up on the block!

Butter with that please! How cute is Laney in her popcorn suit from http://www.potterybarnkids.com/. They've outdone themselves with super sweet costumes this year. I just want to order all of them!

Sweet enough to eat!

Halloween has always been my favourite holiday, maybe even more so than Christmas! Its close anyways. Slimey hands after carving the pumpkin, roasted pumpkin seeds, spookey music, green punch, spiderwebs, haunted houses, sprinting from door to door, calling out 'Candy Apples', Tricker-treat'. The pure joy when little bite sizd morcels are dropped into your treat bag. Sugar-galore. As a kid, I loved dreaming up my own costume and then creating it out of nothing. My brother and I would hunt around the house- in the storage room, mom's closet, even the garage for the perfect pieces.

Once suited up, glamorous or scarey, we'd parade for mom around the living room, so proud of our homemade get-ups. My fav's- Dreamglow Barbie when I six (my pink dress actually glowed in the dark). I was so mad at my mom when she made me put a puffy winter coat over it, and Vana White when I was eleven (I wore my mother's sparkly sapphire sequin dress from Vegas). Oh, and the pillow cases half full of tooth splinting candy. What a SWEET bonus. My mom would actually give us thirty-dollars for half of our candy, so we wouldn't gobble up every last nasty bit. She kept the stash 'hidden' under her bed, and always ended up eating it herself!

Decorating for halloween sure has changed. Its more festive and chic than ever. No more kleenex ghosts and window stickers! Well, unless you like to be old-school. There's nothing wrong with that! Just don't forget the creaky door music in the background.

I've always loved haunted houses. Our county pool used to put on a wicked halloween swim every year. They made a huge haunted house upstairs in the gym. I almost peed my pants everytime.

The classy pumpkin.

And now for some more fabulous costumes...

Yip Yips!!!! Seriously, this is awesome.
Do you remember these guys!?
'Yip, yip, yip, yip, awha, awha.'

Heavenly little mermaid.

This little owl suit from Pottery Barn Kids is just adorable.
You can order it online at www.potterybarn.com.
Can't go wrong with the always lovely Mary Poppins.

Eeeeeee. Love this one from Martha Stewart.
You can find the pattern to make it on her website http://www.marthastewart.com/.
Understated, chic and still spookey.
Perfect for a sassy office party.

What a perfect mommy and daughter combo.
Rose and tulip. Love this.

Ok, this one takes the cake. O O O so cute.

If you like butterflies, this one is gorgeous,
and easy to make yourself!

I love how halloween keeps us creative and thinking like kids again. I believe in dressing up no matter how old you are. Even though there are so many fabulous ready-to-go costumes, I still like creating your own out of everything and anything you can find around the house. Enjoy your eyeball soup and groovin to the Monster Mash. I know I will!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ode to Beauty

Photo Credit: Kiss the Groom

Seriously, do these shoes really exsist? I love the pink spin on Dorothy's RR Slippers. These fabulous Christian Louboutin heels are weddinglicious, any day delicious really. The perfect 'feel betters' to slip into on a emotionally cloudy day. Something about a touch of sparkle I cannot resist, especially when its done so tastefully, and speaks to my inner little girl who just wants to sail away on a rhinestone boat over a gold sea. Did I really just say that? Sure did! The simplicity of this timeless wedding dress paired with these pink ladies, sings amore, amore. If these are her shoes, I wonder what her panties look like...turquois lace, perhaps.

Photo Credit: Kiss the Groom

This photo is calming just to look at. I'd love to hang it in my bedroom. The moody grays call for a resorative afternoon with an abundance of tea and chocolate peanut butter biscuts that melt in your mouth. Today- 1. Go for a walk 2. Cuddle with Morgan 3. Shop for bathroom taps 4. Snap some pics 5. Pack up for the last weekend at the lake 6. Cuddle with Morgan 7. Stop at the bakery 8. Get my butt out of the city. xo