Sunday, December 11, 2011

Deck the Halls

I love the transformation our home goes through at Christmas time. I enjoy putting away the everyday decor to make room for the festive garb that feels like treasures all around the house. Lights, oh little white lights, how I love you too. I can't wait until the dusk arrives, so I can plug you sparkly little suckers in. You make my home feel so cozy.

Morgan loves all the decorations too, and we've made it her job to plug in the lights, which she has taken very seriously. Like a pro, she tiptoes behind the Christmas tree, sure to not disturb the hanging pretties, disappears behind its massiveness and soon, viola! The tree lights up, and out she prances with the same bright and beautiful glimmer in her eyes. Makes my heart smile every time.

My mom captured the Christmas spirit for us kids like no other. Decorating our home was a big to-do, always with a smile, the smell of baking, amazing music, a heap of patience and an eye for such Christmas beauty. I hope to pass on all this love and excitement to my kids. xo

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