Sunday, January 29, 2012

Freaking Love

And its a good thing too, because sometimes, you kids drive me nuts! I finally got out my big girl camera out today, after 2 months of being addicted to Instagram. I was missing the clarity and shutter speed of my big baby. So glad I finally stopped being lazy and captured the kids at this time. Photography is such a passion of mine. I take pictures of the kids everyday. Yup, EVERYDAY. I can't help myself, they're so darn cute, and I love encapsulating the ordinary moments that make up our life, that make!

Morgan is well into her 2nd year on planet Earth, and Cove is 7-months old today! Happy birthday to our little sweetpea (well, he's not so little).

He is eating solids like a champ and would be eating everything, besides his baby food if we let him. Steak, spaghetti, popcorn. You name it, he wants it in his belly! Let me tell you, it is such a pleasure to have a baby who WANTS to eat. Morgan was so not into baby food, so when Cove inhales green beans and rice cereal like its bacon wrapped filet mignon, I am a happy mama. His sleeping could be better...a little inconsistent, nursing a lot in the night still, but goes to bed at 7:30 every night like clock work- the best!

I just love capturing them at each precious stage, and although Morgan as been going through a bout of terrible twos lately, she is still just the sweetest little honey pot, well, she is still quite indifferent to her little brother. She has her 'I love you Covey' moments, but mostly she just finds him annoying and wants mommy all to herself! Little nugget. I'm looking forward to him being a little more mobile so they can play together more. He's also into letting out these short, LOUD, ear-piercing screams in sequences of 12 or so. They drive Morgan bonkers. She hides under her blanket or screams back. He's just finding his voice, screaming for the joy of it (wish I could join him sometimes). We're trying to get her to not scream back, but the girl just can't help herself. Kind of funny and terrible at the same time...

They actually had a lot of fun on the bed together this afternoon, just being silly. He just adores her, of course. Morgan dragging him across the bed by his leg...geesh. He is so tough. I really don't know how we survive as a species sometimes. You know, being a mommy has its ups and downs. Gotta keep your sense of humour for survival, right. But they sure are cute...God made them crazy cute for a

And, he's done.

When Cove went down for his nap, Morgan and I took the opportunity to have some girl time in her room, along with my camera. She loves to doll up in her little dresses for playtime. I'm not opposed, I love pretty dresses too. But instead, I hang out a lot in my housecoat these days!

She is so sweet...


Happy Mini Birthday, Cove Patrick.
Daddy and I freaking LOVE you,
and your big sis does too.;)


I've recently discoverd a new blog, Sweetapolita, that I'm just in love with. The creator, Rosie, is the most incredible baker extraordinare from Toronto (thrilled she's Canadian), and I adore the style of her beautiful cakes and treats.

I am so inspired, I may even attempt one of her fabulous recipes, which is kindly featured with each sweet, tasty masterpeice. Be prepared to fall in love with the prettiest , most delicious sweets you've ever seen. They are confection perfection!
I don't know about you, but sprinkles
make me happy.

Isn't this gold (yes, gold) heart shaped cake the most
beautiful edible yummy you've ever seen. LOVE.


Rosie uses edible cake paint!
I must get my hands on these pretties.
The gold is just gorgeous.

Oh yes, there is such a thing as edible sparkles too.
I know, its almost too much to handle.

Perfect for a New Years Eve Party or any other
festive celebration, really.

Get your girlie on!
Pink Champagne Cake Pops
Aren't these cake pops crazy pretty?!
Would love to whip some up for a summer tea party.

Campfire 6-Layer Chocolate Malted Marshmellow Cake
Yup, that's a mouthful, and I bet it would be heaven in my mouth too!

The grand finale- Fondant Asparagus Cake!
If you visit Rosie's blog, you will find the easy tutorial on
how to make this original modern beauty. Love!

If you love all these beautiful creations as much as I do,
visit Rosie for her precious recipes at,

I'll leave you with sprinkles.
Ciao Bellas! xo

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Monday, January 23, 2012

This and That...

Just a few thoughts...
I am so making these gorgeous egg candles when I have some spare time...Spare don't really exist anymore, do you? I miss my dear friend, S P A R E Time. She was lovely. Anyways, these little pretties would be a great Easter project.

Morgan looks so pretty in that pale pink dress she snuck on this morning. Her sweet, messy little ringlets cascding down her back...heaven. Oh, oh, nice one Morgan. She just used the dress as a kleenex.

Sleep- could use a nap today, but I'll take a shower instead. The bath with the two nuggets didn't cut it. Feeling yucky.

Loved spending time on Pinterest yesterday. Pin, pin, pin, la, la, la. Need more self-indulging time like that.

Do I smell? Ha. This housecoat, once again, NEEDS to be washed. Covey's green beans are smeared all over it. Sexy mama I am, yes.

Finally took that dead rose off my bedside table from over a month ago. Maybe removing it will attract some new fresh flowers into my life... Sending fresh flower vibes to that hubby of mine. Or if you would like to send me some, I'm not opposed to that.;)

The sun...I love how much sun this house eating fresh strawberries with Morgan by the window, sunshine twinkling in her eyes.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Holy Night

December, the diamond-frosted clasp linking twelve
jewelled months to yet another year.
- Phyllis Nicholson

Sarah Ban Breathnach articulates it perfectly. "The old year wanes. No more yearning for what might have been. Instead, open December's generous gift of what is." We've had a busy year to say the least, and now the Christmas season seems to be the chriscendo of it all. I wish it were a time to catch our breath, but we're still motoring along, racing from family to family, doing our best to pack it all in...but damn, its hard. I could use all of 2012 for a vacation...but, that's obviously not going to happen, so in the meantime, we're doing our best to soak in this heartfelt season. But when I sit on Santa's knee, I'll put in my request for some much needed...RnR. Don't mistake that with GnR, although a good session of that might be needed too.;)

I love it, especially the details...the little romantic bits, the magic. And now that Morgan is two-and-a half, she gets fun. I swear being more prepared is the secret for a more harmonious Christmas. I love having my gifts wrapped and under the tree to admire long before they get opened. Especially if they are wrapped so artfully, that its almost a shame to rip them open, unless they've been under the tree long enough, they've served their purpose of charm and beauty. Cheap chocolate advent calendars, mulled wine, cherry candy canes, gorgeous garland, sparkling wreaths, cards in the mail, random acts of kindness, and of course, Silent Night! Oh, Silent Night, I fall in love with that song every year... Boney M, which makes me think of my mom. I'd do anything to make her better. There is always a sadness that resides inside of me during this time of year. A deep stroke of blue swimming low in my belly. I wish she could participate in all this...I miss her so much. The person who showed me what Christmas is all about. My mommy...

What I love most are the connections. Getting together with old family friends, reconnecting with favourite aunts and uncles, cousins and all the wee ones with sugarplums dancing in their eyes. Just spending time with people I treasure over food and drinks prepared with such love. The indulgence of it all- I never mind the tightness in my jeans. Its worth it. I wish we could see more loved ones, have that quality time, but its hard to squeeze everyone in...gotta spread it more over the year.

Yes, this is how we do it, and love it. The simple splendours that make this time of year a feast for the eyes, and in turn, the soul. The memories that are created around all this hullabaloo linger for a lifetime. But man, am I ever glad when its over...

Saving Grace No. 1: Christmas will arrive on December 25 whether you're ready or not.

Saving Grace No. 2: Christmas will depart twenty-four hours after it arrives.

This year we celebrated with Brydon's family at his Uncle Tim's farm. Tiny new additions to the family are welcome blessings, and keep adding to our holy night. Our circle just keeps getting bigger and bigger. To accommodate all 30 of us comfortably, they set up Christmas in the quonset. It was unorthodox to say the least, but an absolute riot. Its magic to see the little ones get so excited- the spirit just shines in their bright young eyes. These are the times real to our hearts. This is Christmas.

The craziest Dr. Seus Christmas tree ever!

Our dear friend, Bianka (Bonks), joined our
honkey-tonk x-mas this year.:)

See this mouth-
Its totally ready for Auntie Karen's ooey gooey caramel popcorn!

And let me tell you, it was anything but a silent night.
This crowd is loud and proud;) lol

Gotta love the old-school

This is what I'm talking about. Soooo yummy.

Covey and Uncle Jeffy-poo

Moi and my bro-inlaw, Jarod, aka 'Uncle Manny'
He's single! Any takers?

Proud Nana Connie.

Best buds, 'Morgie' and Savana:)

Gary and Cathy are in the process of building a cabin out at the lake.
Sure is a stunner so far, can't wait to enjoy it this summer!!!

Morgan, cuddling with her favourite Husky puppy

I just love this snap

Memphis Gregoire Kerry Clarke
Arrived November 28th, 2011

Welcome to the family, little man.
You are so loved.

Congratulations Landon, Nicole and big sis Savana.
Merry Christmas sweet sleeping babe