Monday, January 23, 2012

This and That...

Just a few thoughts...
I am so making these gorgeous egg candles when I have some spare time...Spare don't really exist anymore, do you? I miss my dear friend, S P A R E Time. She was lovely. Anyways, these little pretties would be a great Easter project.

Morgan looks so pretty in that pale pink dress she snuck on this morning. Her sweet, messy little ringlets cascding down her back...heaven. Oh, oh, nice one Morgan. She just used the dress as a kleenex.

Sleep- could use a nap today, but I'll take a shower instead. The bath with the two nuggets didn't cut it. Feeling yucky.

Loved spending time on Pinterest yesterday. Pin, pin, pin, la, la, la. Need more self-indulging time like that.

Do I smell? Ha. This housecoat, once again, NEEDS to be washed. Covey's green beans are smeared all over it. Sexy mama I am, yes.

Finally took that dead rose off my bedside table from over a month ago. Maybe removing it will attract some new fresh flowers into my life... Sending fresh flower vibes to that hubby of mine. Or if you would like to send me some, I'm not opposed to that.;)

The sun...I love how much sun this house eating fresh strawberries with Morgan by the window, sunshine twinkling in her eyes.

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