Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Tomato Soup Kind of Day

Photo credit: Kiss the Groom
If only I would learn how to knit,
but then I may have no time to blog.
But isn't this tea set's wardrobe chic and sweet?

Ok, so I kind of feel guilty eating anything out of a can, but Campbell's Tomato Soup is the exception. It was -29 out today, and a bowl of steaming hot soup was exactly what the shiver in my bones ordered.

Morgan and I chowed down on grilled cheese sandwiches made with sliced pear and swiss cheese, and of course mommy's childhood favourite- tomato soup. As the sun showered in through the windows, we had no idea that the poor little birdies where freezing their feathers off. All we could feel was the yummy hot soup in our happy bellies.

And a little something sweet, to shake off the brrrrrr.

Here's Morgan in her room, deciphering which toy to play with. 'Shall it be the bathing suit drawer again, books, dollies, fairy wings, or maybe the Etch-o-sketch? Hmmmm.' Ah, the fantastic choices of childhood.

I have a drawer full of silk roses that I've been keeping to make a baby photo prop, but of course its been like 6-months and they're still enjoying their beauty sleep in the drawer.

Morgan loves to play with them, using each stem as a vacuum or duster, how lovely. May not be able to use them anymore, they're rather dust bunnyish...

We captured a few cute shots of her going crazy with these flowers. Can't wait until she can enjoy some real ones in the summer again! The first time I smelt a sweet-pea, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

I'll be so sad when its not appropriate
for me to kiss her little bum anymore.
It's so darn cute.

Tickle, tickle.

Photo Credit: Thompson Family Typepad
Thought this shelf was so cute. Love the colour and of course the chalk board with the love mantra hand-written across it. Gotta have it. xoxo


  1. I know someone who can teach you to knit! My mother, your BooBoo. She'll teach you the Scandinavian way, a method few seem to know, but way more efficient than how most people knit. Hello Lane! It's your Aunt Karen (Sandi's sister), concealed in the shadows, waiting for the moment to emerge. With love!

  2. Oh Auntie Karen! I have been dying to meet you. I'm so happy you have visited my blog. I had no idea BooBoo could knit so well, I may just have to spend a weekend with her and learn the Scandinavian knitting ropes- sounds fantastic. I really hope to meet you soon. Do you have any plans to come to AB anytime soon? Love Lane xo

  3. I wank when I see her fluffy fat little bum and I wanna put my cock in one of her tiny waiting holes. No matter if its the shithole or the pussyhole and you supply both as you are her pimp?