Sunday, January 29, 2012

Freaking Love

And its a good thing too, because sometimes, you kids drive me nuts! I finally got out my big girl camera out today, after 2 months of being addicted to Instagram. I was missing the clarity and shutter speed of my big baby. So glad I finally stopped being lazy and captured the kids at this time. Photography is such a passion of mine. I take pictures of the kids everyday. Yup, EVERYDAY. I can't help myself, they're so darn cute, and I love encapsulating the ordinary moments that make up our life, that make!

Morgan is well into her 2nd year on planet Earth, and Cove is 7-months old today! Happy birthday to our little sweetpea (well, he's not so little).

He is eating solids like a champ and would be eating everything, besides his baby food if we let him. Steak, spaghetti, popcorn. You name it, he wants it in his belly! Let me tell you, it is such a pleasure to have a baby who WANTS to eat. Morgan was so not into baby food, so when Cove inhales green beans and rice cereal like its bacon wrapped filet mignon, I am a happy mama. His sleeping could be better...a little inconsistent, nursing a lot in the night still, but goes to bed at 7:30 every night like clock work- the best!

I just love capturing them at each precious stage, and although Morgan as been going through a bout of terrible twos lately, she is still just the sweetest little honey pot, well, she is still quite indifferent to her little brother. She has her 'I love you Covey' moments, but mostly she just finds him annoying and wants mommy all to herself! Little nugget. I'm looking forward to him being a little more mobile so they can play together more. He's also into letting out these short, LOUD, ear-piercing screams in sequences of 12 or so. They drive Morgan bonkers. She hides under her blanket or screams back. He's just finding his voice, screaming for the joy of it (wish I could join him sometimes). We're trying to get her to not scream back, but the girl just can't help herself. Kind of funny and terrible at the same time...

They actually had a lot of fun on the bed together this afternoon, just being silly. He just adores her, of course. Morgan dragging him across the bed by his leg...geesh. He is so tough. I really don't know how we survive as a species sometimes. You know, being a mommy has its ups and downs. Gotta keep your sense of humour for survival, right. But they sure are cute...God made them crazy cute for a

And, he's done.

When Cove went down for his nap, Morgan and I took the opportunity to have some girl time in her room, along with my camera. She loves to doll up in her little dresses for playtime. I'm not opposed, I love pretty dresses too. But instead, I hang out a lot in my housecoat these days!

She is so sweet...


Happy Mini Birthday, Cove Patrick.
Daddy and I freaking LOVE you,
and your big sis does too.;)

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