Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Bits

I am such a sucker for gingerbread houses. Although mine never turn out so adorable, like this one off of pinterest. Maybe thats because I have a wee artist, whom I allow to go crazy. So it turns out a little more...abstract, to say the least. Picasso would love it! Maybe mommy needs to indulge in making two this year, so Morgan and I can both artfully express ourselves:). I love hand picking the candy so its a little different from the traditional. I think I'll use this pretty lil pad as my inspiration. Ya?

I just bought a whole bunch of little Christmas cookie cutters, and this is a great way to get creative and make something healthy with them! Morgan will love this for her preschool snack time.

DIY advent calendar- simple and so pretty

As much as I try and stay away from Christmas baking, its all part of the fun. Baking with my two kiddos right now is kind of a wonderful nightmare. A bit stressful, messy and takes a heap of patience and focus on my part. Morgan loves it, but wants to be involved in every step, which is awesome but super tricky, when Cove wants 'up, up' too. Too many fingers in too much sweet, sticky fun, so it will be limited this year.

What I do decide to bake will be prepared in plenty, and with a lot of extra hands around, big and small. I'm thinking gingerbread men (Morgan will love that), these devilish salted caramel and chocolate shortbread bars, peanut butter ball pops, and...the ooey gooey lemon cookies below. I can always count on my brother to make my mom's amazing recipe of melt-in-your-mouth traditional shortbread, so we're covered there. Oh, and of course a gingerbread house with some whimsy. Three year old little girls and gingerbread houses just go hand and hand. Duh;)

I'd love to get creative with my wrapping this year, and I sometimes think the simpler, the better. The idea of pictures really personalizes everyone's gift, and since I take so many- why not? The black and white look great and the kids would love looking at the familiar faces under the tree. 

The classic lemon bar done as a soft cookie- oh boy. 

Every Christmas, my mom and I would make chocolate peanut butter balls, which are so simple and to die for. But I'd love to modernize them a bit and make them into peanut butter ball pops! Maybe adding some Christmas sprinkles on some of them, although, they are so delish just the way they are.

So tell me, what is on your baking list this Christmas? Any must haves? I may be able to sneak one more special recipe in there. Please share your traditional favs!

I had to share this picture with you. This is Morgan's first Christmas. So stinkin cute and her expression is just priceless. I'll share a few more oldies over the holidays. Thanks for stopping in, and don't forget to share your favourite Christmas baking. xo

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