Monday, November 26, 2012

O Christmas Tree

Yup, still in the swing of renos. Dying to get the trim up on the 2013. 
Look at these two cutie pies, creating a masterpiece together.

Covey's lil whale decoration- one he can't actually break:) 

Sugarplums dancing in Morgan's room

Its a crazy, whimsical tree, and the kids constantly have their little hands on it, but its kind of like our lives right now- bright, wild and stinkin busy. Love it, but love the ones who decorated it even more.

Maybe next year, we'll do a real one. I'd love to cut one down ourselves, make it a tradition...although, I'm kind of a save the trees kind of maybe we'll stick with this one and just burn some evergreen essential oil. Yup, good plan.:)

ps. Cove has already destroyed 6 decorations and counting. He likes to rip them off, growl at them, throw them back at the tree or eat them. Its both horrible and funny. What a kid...argh.


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