Saturday, November 17, 2012

These Mornings

Its been a couple weeks since we've been home from our holiday. I sure miss these early mornings at our beach house. Coffee on the patio, snuggled in a dozen blankets, hearing the ocean glide into the shore, gazing at the quiet beach, picking up spilt cheerios- even the mundane on holidays seems wonderful. 

We're just trying to feel grateful for our home here in chilly Edmonton...this is our focus for the month. Brydon and I are such lovers of a warm climate and the ocean. But...we'll have to love it from a distance for now. We plan to decorate the house tomorrow with the jolly contents in our twelve christmas boxes stacked in the hallway, decorations and lights busting out the sides, just waiting to shine again. Morgan can hardly wait. Here are a few pics of our mornings spent on the coast. So dreamy...

Now on to enjoying the chilly mornings we have here in Edmonton. I do love the massive evergreens covered in snow outside my front window. Its not the beach, thats for sure, but it sure makes the Christmas season feel cozy. Can't complain about that.

I remember my mom telling me this when I was little. I would go on and go, giving her wild scenario after wild scenario, and she would just keep smiling and shaking her head, yes. So I love that I found this adorable gem on pinterest. 

My mom was telling the truth and so is Pablo, pretty much everything you can dream up has happened or will happen. Thats what I love so much about this crazy world. The possibilities are endless, so keep dreaming, and more so, keep creating a life you love. It doesn't matter where you call home, just do your best to live in the moment and don't take anything for granted. xo

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