Friday, November 30, 2012

NNA- No Nicknames Allowed

I've got my hands full with this one. Morgan is "a wild one with an angels face". Her imagination is boundless- I love to watch her play, you know, that zone we all used to get into. I remember playing just like that, totally in another world, so in touch with the best part of childhood. She's a feisty one too, definitely stands her ground (a little too much to my liking, lil turkey), but I know this will all serve her as a young woman. She definitely knows who she is. If anyone tries to call her something different than 'Morgan' (sweetheart, Morgs, pumpkin, etc), she puts her hands on her hips and says, "My name is MORGAN LAREN EDWARDS." It can take people aback, but its just who she is.

I'm the only one that can call her my honey-jar of lovey dovey names, but even I sometimes get corrected. Cracks me up. This girl needs a sign 'NNA- No Nicknames Allowed'. But really, no use in that, she sure isn't shy about it.:)

My baby girl is growing up, and I'm so grateful I get to watch her experience whatever it is she needs to experience, and turn into whoever it is she came here to be. I just hope there aren't too many bumps and bruises along the way. Who am I kidding?:) I love her with all my heart. Ahhh, being a mommy is the best and most excruciating labor of love in the world. But its also the greatest gift. I'm totally addicted.

Here are some more pictures from our family holiday to sunny California. Our beach days were my fav, and there are just so many awesome pictures. I had to share some of my sweet-pea in total bliss. I sure miss this ocean, we all do. The snow is nice, but the ocean sure whispers sweet nothings to my soul.

May the sun always shine on your shoulders my sweet one.

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