Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Belly A Bloomin

As I watch my belly bloom, I'm excited to take some swollen tummy shots. I've been gathering plenty of beautiful inspiration from my most favourite website, Kiss the Groom. She is just the most exquisite photographer, able to capture the true essence of a woman's beauty during pregnancy. Enjoy the next few shots sure to take your feminine spirit through the roof.

Nine Months
by Janis Chrissikos

For nine months I cradle you within
and wonder.

Nine months before I can hold my heart
in my arms.

Nine months for you to arrive but I’ve known you

Nine months creep along yet race by
while I wait.

After nine months you are here and my life
starts anew.

The world has changed immeasurably and it only took
nine months.


This is just adorable, what a beautiful shot.

Mother's Love
These are the days
of laughter and love
smiling faced cherubim
sent from above
snuggled at my breast
full of warmth and rest
brings meaning and purpose
fulfilling destiny
creating, nurturing
the solar plexus
of radiant energy
in your smile

~ Charisse Goodyear

Just a little Bla Bla pic. They're just so sweet.
Go to to check out the sweetness.

Mmmmm, morning belly snuggles.

Here I was at 38-weeks pregnant with Morgan.
Man, to think I'm probably going
to be even bigger this time!

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