Monday, March 21, 2011

The Summertime Crave

I admit it- I am officially sick of over it. I've been thinking so much about summer lately. It must have been that week of warm weather that snuck up on us, or maybe it was sitting by the pool in Vegas, come to think of it! It gave me that little break I needed to get through these long winter days. The sun and melting snow was such a tease. As the snow falls again, I am left daydreaming of cruisy days, sweaty pits and flip-flops. Bring it on- all of it!

You could call me a 'popaholic'. I love tasty cold popsicles on a hot day. Nothing more refreshing, especially if they're homemade with fresh fruit chunkies. As a kid, I remember sitting on the beach in Penticton with my mom and brother, enjoying my red, blue and white space rocket. A wild race against the burning sun and time. Always madly dripping down my hands, no matter how many napkins my mom gave me. Sand and melted popsicle juice- a very sticky combination. It didn't matter. It would all come off with just a little dip in the cool lake. Ahhh, heaven.

This was Morgan last summer, hanging in the grass like a little sweetpea. She'll be a busy bee this summer, playing in her pool, discovering the joy of dirt, making friends with the caterpillars, and carefully wiping away the ladybugs that are sure to land on her fingers and nose.

I cant imagine the sensation of feeling grass
in your hand for the first time. An earthly gift.

I was just looking through my never ending archive of pics from last summer, and never noticed this one before, but I love it. All those delicate folds and toes, and that tiny hand holding mommy's.

A true sign of summer- kiddie sidewalk art. Love it! Well actually this is mommy sidewalk art, couldn't help myself last summer. My neighbour's colourful ray of jumbo chalks were too tempting.

Nothing better than some refreshing water on a hot day. A little brook tucked away in the woods, waiting just for you to come venturing by for a secret dip. I took this self- pic in Jasper last summer. I can still feel how icy-cool the water was, and how hot the sun felt on my shoulders. Nature's perfect balance. Mmmm, felt so good.

Photo Credit: Kiss the Groom

I have had a fascination with big trees for as long as I can remember. I use to collect acorns and study their layers upon layers until I was called in for supper time. Giant trees are so majestic and peaceful. They leave me feeling grounded and just the right way. I can't wait to snuggle up to a few this summer. Just the rich old scent of their bark, leaves my senses and soul full of nourishment. Although, I might scamper out in a little more than this sweet outfit she's wearing.

'Allow the earth to cradle your bones,
as you melt into its arms
and spot alligators and angels in the clouds.'
Lane xo

Photo Credit: Kiss the Groom

I would love to hang my sheets out to dry this year. My mom's friend used to swear by this technique, she loved the absolute freshness that came along with the breeze. Might be better if I lived out in the country or in the mountains though. Not sure if the city air will cut it, but I'll give it a try.

I have always loved picnic blankets. The more colourful and tattered the better. My mom used to keep one that she made out of all old pairs of jeans in the trunk of our car. My brother and I loved it. Come to think of it, I wonder where it is these days? It always smelt like a little windshield wiper fluid and the spare tire- a strange but comforting reminder of summer. You just never know when you are going to want to stop and take a break somewhere that the sun and blue sky is calling you. I'd be happy to come back in another life as a well-used picnic blanket, they get so much love.

Little post-it notes with sweet messages are always welcome around here. Its a string of simple things that make my day.

Its amazing what you can create with paper these days. This mobile is as pretty and soft as it gets. It makes me think of the smell of Johnson's Baby Lotion and butterfly kisses from Morgan.

Photo Credit: Kiss the Groom

Mostly, I can't wait to spend time with my family this summer. Oh spring, you couldn't come sooner! If I can enjoy my backyard, the lake and my loved ones, I'm a happy girl. I can't believe I'll have a new baby to care for and love too. Hopefully he or she will like the outdoors! For now, I'll do my best to embrace the rest of our winter, the last few months of cozy sweaters and hot bowls of soup. The last few months of just our family of three. Our last few months with just our darling Morgan...bittersweet.

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