Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love is in the Details

My sweet Morgan came down with a horrible flu a couple of weeks ago. She couldn't keep anything down for an entire week- poor bug. Here are the pics of her little journey back to health.

Her first day of starting to feel better at Gramzy's.

Still sleepy but happy to be wearing mommy's pretty dress that my grandma knit me back in 1981. Can't believe how good of shape its in and how special Morgan can wear it now.

She loves wearing tights, sometimes she just likes wearing them and nothing else. This isn't very lady like of her, but who cares. Sometimes I wish I could still get away with this.

Showing off her pretty puffy sleeves, and
just thrilled she's no longer projectile vomiting.

A couple days after she was back to herself,
we went for a big puddle jumping walk.
She was in spring heaven.

Ohhh, what's this mommy?
I sure like the way it sounds.

Brrrr, cold mommy.

I'll just sit my little tush down right here.

Oh boy, just a little deep and cold.
She was in hysterics, laughing so hard at herself.

A very wet bum, but she didn't even care,
she would have stayed out for hours.

I don't know where the pink and green
polka dots came from, but I love them.
Like sunshine balloons. Little spring angels,
dancing in Morgan's happiness.

Many of you have been asking to see pictures of our home we've been renovating. Its come along way, but I can't even think about what still has to be done. The upstairs is almost complete, the doors and windows still need trim, which will make a big difference, and I'm dying for window treatments- damn they're expensive though. We're slowly saving up for some good ones.

We've also been living without bedroom and bathroom doors since December! Makes things interesting when guests come over...ha ha ha, sorry friends. The ever so glamourous furniture pads my husband staple gunned up have finally come down and our doors are finally in place- thank God! Never appreciated a door so much in my life. I don't know how many times I flashed my poor brother-in-law while getting changed in the master, or how many times he'd bust in on me while taking a pee. Geeesh! Anyways, living in the chaos of renovations is....challenging to say the least. Here are some pics to give you an idea of our new space.

I love my kitchen- heaps of cupboard space, kissable granite counters tops, and the layout is so domestic goddess friendly. It wraps around to the right, giving us ample space to cook up our dreams.

This house is blessed with heaps of natural light, an extra window in the kitchen and one in the dining area as well, rare for these houses build in the 50's. Its the only one we saw like this when we were hunting in the area. Just another reason we had to snatch it up.

After living in a north facing condo, an abundance of natural light was a must. The morning sun is divine, but I can't imagine how bloody hot its going to get in the summer- at least we can open all our windows for good ventilation. Hopefully by then too, we'll have our window treatments up. Our neighbours are probably so sick of seeing my husbands naked ass.

Another view of the kitchen.
I really focused on some neat light fixtures for the space.
The island is perfect for entertaining
and the extra room for food prep is awesome.

This is the backsplash of my dreams,
the warm caramel colour makes me swoon with happiness.
The glass is easy to wipe down and doesn't show streaks- love it.

As you can see, we're trimless. We have it all sitting downstairs and in our garage, waiting for it to warm up so we can paint it outside. Once all those suckers are painted we'll finally get them up. The work and outpour of money never ends. Anyways, its really chubby trim, as a I like to call it, its almost 5-inches tall and will give the home a bit more character, grounding the floors and framing the doors. Girthy trim is my fav. these days.

What you see at the end of the hall is one of my favourite pieces- my Alice in Wonderland clock. It opens up and stores all my candles. I plan to transform it into a little dollhouse for Morgan...ones of these days.

A la living room. We kept the paint light for an open,
airy feeling throughout. Such a change from our
bold, urban condo. I'm enjoying it.

The details here and there.

Morgan's sweetheart quarters.

You should have seen this bathroom when we first bought the house. It was a rental property and it would have made you BARF. We gutted it and then did a giant all glass mirror, egg shaped tub (which has been on my vision board for 5 years- loving it), square pedestal sink and big open shower. We used wide long tiles to make the space appear larger.

We did a natural river rock on the bottom of our shower, love the way it feels on my feet. Its very soft but earthy, as though I'm showering in the great outdoors.

We are hoping to get the outside down this spring, but we'll see. Its quite an eyesore, so I can't wait to see the transformation. Its been quite the project, especially doing almost everything ourselves. Talk about a crazy learning curve. Brydon and his brother almost killed each other a few times, but their attention to detail and quality produced and great final result.

We are happy here and look forward to finishing the basement (half done) and the landscaping, which is what I'm most excited for. Anything to do with dirt, rocks, plants, trees, flowers and then more rocks and more trees, is right up my alley. I could live in a greenhouse really.

More pictures to come- still haven't taken any of the master bedroom, new babies room (which is still in the works) and the basement. What a project. Can't wait to just enjoy all our hard work!

ps. I am craving a chocolate girl guide cookie right now- does anyone know when they come around? I'd pay big bucks for a special delivery! May just have to settle for a Fudgeo- just not quite the same.

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