Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Fresh Bounty of Spring

Spring- renowned rains, blossoming trees and newborn beauty. Shake off the doldrums of winter because this month Mother Nature offers a thrilling tutorial in feminine romps and of course, little chocolate bunnies.

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

I love the moments you capture with your camera when you least suspect it. Yesterday, Morgan was relishing in some naked time in her crib. Horsing around, tucking in her babies, and playing peekaboo with mommy through the canopy that hangs over her crib. She has just discovered that it opens and closes, so we had a blast playing peekaboo, finding the opening through the many layers of soft cream tulle. I couldn't help but grab the camera and sneak a few shots.

I'm soaking in my time to play with her before baby number two dominates the scene. We've had sunshine pouring into our house for the last two weeks. A welcome change from dull days, cold feet and snow, snow, snow. Don't you just love how the sun shines well into the evening now, making the day feel soooo much longer. We deserve this.

It wont be too long before sweet, sumptuous hours of eating fresh fruit, taking naps in the sun, and watching the flowers pop up like exquisite stars bursting through the soil. Spring is magic. A miracle how the earth takes its enchanting journey back to newborn beauty. I know we'll get maybe one or two more dumps of snow, but I'm hoping it will leave us just as quick as it came. Beat it winter!

As the Easter bunny approaches, I'm gearing up the house with little touches here and there. Its truly my favourite holiday. Something about the damp fresh smell in the air, the gorgeous colours and my obsession with bunnies, CHOCOLATE and eggs makes me swoon over the April holiday.

What could be more exciting and perfect than an egg hunt? I mean really, heaven on earth. I've been waiting for years to enjoy this holiday all over again as I did as a small girl. Oh, and Morgan has the sweetest Easter dress, I'll be sure to post it soon.

Mmmm, the simplistic beauty of painted eggs.
They truly speak to my soul. Always have. Something
about their shape and softness is restful to the spirit.

Wont be long before we have to get a big girl bed...kind of sad about that. She is still so tiny and content in her crib, and she's never tried to crawl out like many of her little monkey friends. So we're going to try and 'crib it out' for as long as possible.

This was actually my crib from when I was baby, and its been perfect for Morgan. So happy it still passed all the safety standards, amazing really. Its an old-school Jenny Lind crib, traditionally vintage now, pretty as can be and it sure has stood the test of time!

I antiqued the next few photos and it gave all the pics a golden hue that so suited the 'golden hour' it took to snap these photos. The sheerness of the canopy, her honey skin and big round eyes are irresistible to me.

I wish I could pause this age- her innocence is just edible. I love capturing her in candid moments of natural play. I don't take enough video, so the pictures have to speak for themselves.

All snuggled in with her babies. She is so nurturing towards her little friends. Playing out sore tummies and cuddling them back to health. A good sign to what kind of sister she's going to be! I hope.

The independence will be good for her, and I can't wait to see how she grows into her new role as big sister. For now, she's still my baby and I'm lapping up ever ounce of our one on one time.

This photo- my fav. But how do I choose, right.

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

Spring is the the time to adopt a new regime my friends. A little exciting preview of what's to come for Little Miss Cupcake Sugarpants- I'm going to tincture a honey mask and salt scrub packed with vital essential oils, boasting transcendent scents that will leave your head spinning with smoothing, soothing bliss. How could I not include you in the fun? It wont become the blog, just a little sweet sideshow to indulge in if you want.

My secret ingredient you ask? Bev's Healing Honey! I'm going to open an Esty store to share my jewelry (yes, its actually happening- finally) and these new yummy honey skin treats... I've been selling my jewelry at lovely boutiques for years, but I want full control. I also want to be able to send it internationally to all my friends in Australia- you've been very patient.

"Young ladies are delicate plants," Jane Austin reminds us. "They should take care of themselves and their complexion." I'm tired of sluggish winter skin. With the careful selection of the finest ingredients and Bev's spring honey, our deepest layer of beauty will sparkle through. Nothing 8-glasses a of water will do for you. Ha. I can't wait!

After my honey post (Sweet, Sweet Honey of Mine), I whipped up two dozen jars of Bev's Healing Honey and passed them on to friends. Now, the requests have become nutty not to do anything about it. My passion for mixing potions began as a small child, and I've decided its not ending there. This is so up my alley. So stay tuned!

On to another topic of fun- below, is the divine little mobile that's on my wish list for the new baby. I love those sweet green leaves and knit birds. Bla, Bla Kids makes the most adorable knit dolls, clothes and toys. I'll post some new belly pics soon, I promise. xo

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