Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

Well, I have never consumed so much chocolate in my whole life. I just can't say no to those precious little Easter eggs. Perfect sweet morsels until you consume over 100 and you kind of want to barf, but instead you eat a huge ham dinner and then more chocolate goodness. Oh, I Easter, I love you. Too bad you make me feel so ugh.

Morgan is already bunny obsessed, so this holiday was an over-indulgence in our long-eared friends and their naughty little eggs. Thank God, its only once a year. By the way, I really miss getting my own easter basket... Is there anything more delightful? I don't think so.

We zoomed over to Ponoka on Friday and spent the day with Brydon's side of the family. I must have packed away twelve (or more) of Auntie Connie's scrumptious sweet meatballs, never mind a rather generous helping of everything else. You can always count on the Johnson's for a fab holiday feast. Check out this super sweet bunny below- Like really, too cute.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This year, I decided to go with a casual cotton Easter dress for Morgan. Something she could run outside in, and muck up in the dirt and it wouldn't really matter. Mission accomplished.

I understood her excitement when we both spotted this basket jam-packed with Easter treats- the kid in me screamed, 'Sit yourself on the dining table and consume as many as possible!' So instead, my daughter made me proud. I have a feeling the family wouldn't have been too impressed if I would have planted my hippo belly on Auntie Karen's table.

She was actually more fascinated with unwrapping them then eating them. Maybe a good thing!

Beautiful new addition to the family. Brydon's cousin, Lindsay and her hubby Jason are thrilled to introduce their gorgeous babe- Jeremy. What a doll.

All Morgan wanted to do was pick him up herself. Too cute.

Kisses for Jeremy.

This is Morgan's little cousin Savana.
Look at those pigtails! Her red hair is just gorgeous.

Easter is all about cute little girls in cute little dresses.

The two of them loved chasing Jeff and Christy's friendly little wiener dog all around the backyard. His name is Phoenix but all the kids pronounce it as 'Kleenex'!

When we went downstairs, she bee-lined it to the piano. Climbed up and starting playing like she had done it her whole life- or in her last life. It was really something to watch, she was so soulful about it. I hope I captured her bliss.

Love the egg necklace. Very Easter chic.
Savana, can I order that online sweetheart?

Pretty lighting, sitting at auntie Karen's antique dresser.

Secret belly pic. Whoa belly- and two months to go!

Brydon's Uncle Jerry is growing flowers for Jeff and Christy's wedding in July. Since we've had such a crappy spring, he's created a little greenhouse for himself in the basement. Pretty cool.

On Sunday, we headed over to my dad and Bev's
place to celebrate more Easter fun with them.
And more chocolate...
Morgan's first Easter basket with Chocolate. Lucky duck.
They'll be some serious rationing.
Mommy will probably eat it all.

Picked up this pretty basket at Homesense. Love that's its sustainable and can be used year after year. Not a fan of the cheap ones that you just end up chucking.

Of course Bev has the sweetest little Easter decorations scattered around the house. These ones- particularly adorable. Morgan loved them.

Easter toes.

Brydon and Bev's son Ryan talking business.
Come on boys, just eat some chocolate and forget about it for a day.

Dad and Bev got this amazing tunnel thingy at the home show for Morgan. It folds up and fits in this tiny little big and then pops up into this big magical rabbit hole. She went nuts! Not going to lie- I was a little envious. Me and my baby belly wouldn't fit. Tried it, got stuck. Almost peed my pants laughing, until Brydon heaved me out. Not pretty.

We're going to set this bad boy up in our
backyard for her birthday party.
The kiddies are going to have a riot!

Yup, I think she's a fan!

Little Miss Muffet, dressed to spend a few hours at the farm.

My dad- a wander wizard in the kitchen.
They are such a team, its so cute.

Bev's ham was a delicious masterpiece. Could be due to her homemade
fresh pineapple and honey drizzle sauce.

Enjoying the fruits of Bev's labor. Morgan ate
so much ham, I'm shocked she didn't start
rolling in a mud pit.

Hockey, of course. It never ends...

We took this exact same picture last time when I was pregnant with Morgan. I was a little further along so I had a little more to compete with! Doesn't help that Ryan is like a foot taller than me. Those damn good Bev genes. I think he's definitely having a boy.

I wasn't much of a domestic goddess this Easter. We were too busy running from family to family, but if I was, I would have worn this sweet mustard yellow and ivory apron that I heart. Maybe next year.
I want to live in this cake, although it wouldn't last long with me inside its tasty walls. Happy Easter everyone! xo

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