Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tipis and Emerald Green Doors

As summer approaches, we can't figure out where we are going to stay at the lake this year. We have a gorgeous tipi that is large enough to sleep twelve, but with a 2-year and a new born, it would be kind of nice to have something with running water and a toilet- I'm not one for getting up at 3am to pee in the bush, although I've done it...more often than you can imagine.

With Brydon's business and a new baby, splurging on a trailer is nutty right now, plus they're not my fav. Something about the narrow rectangular shape, pre-fab glued walls and BAD ruffled window coverings- just not my thing. As convenient as they are, I'd like to wait to put up a modest cabin, and I mean modest.

Little hideaway- pretty sweet. Anyone want to come out
for a tipi party. I've been meaning to plan one forever!
We can paint our faces, make smores, dance into morning.

This pic is from Pinterest-
can you imagine having this badass play cabin as a kid!

This looks like the little bunk house we have down at the lake right now. The three of us stayed in it last year, but the sleeping arrangements weren't great for Morgan, as she'd wake up every time we'd sneak in and out. The four of us in there this year? NOPE, not going to happen. Ours isn't nearly as sweet as this one, but I have dreams to fix her up and make her pretty. Love the honey comb paving stones too!

This is actually the coolest cake.
But lets just leave it as that- a cake,
not my place at the lake, thank you.

I'll be doing this a lot this summer. Love this pic from The lil Bee, so cute. I may be a little more covered around the family though! Or not.

Great sustainable use for those rubber boats they outgrow!

Another great pic off Pinterest-
I need this t-shirt!

This was Morgan last Mother's Day- I can't believe how much she's changed! She was such a sweet baby. Can't wait to snap some new pics this Mother's Day. I just gaze at her with awe- I love being her mommy. I feel so thankful. I love her to the moon and back times a million.

The exterior of our house is being done right now and I need to pick a front door asap. Picking a front door is like decorating a really important cake- its that last touch that pulls everything together- the final statement of your taste- the home's smile, the home's anchor. In other words, don't F-IT-UP. I love the high-gloss on this classic black door, never mind the unconventional turquoise- gorgeous!

This light bluey green door is divinely serene- a rare sight. I'm also a lover for door accessories- knockers, medallions etc. The round stone ball on the corner of the pillar is beautiful too, I'm a sucker for anything round like that- especially made out of natural materials. So soft on the eyes...and soul.

Maybe I should just do something totally wild like this... makes me want to float through in a white gypsy skirt with essential oils in my braid...sounds lovely, right.


  1. LOVE the boot planters! Im sooo doing that!

  2. very nice site, luvd visiting it!

  3. Thank you- how did you come across it?

  4. that's ok mum, i'll stay in the Bunkie with morgan you won't have sleeping arrangements to worry about, the plan's I have she won't be sleeping, tight little sweetie