Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

This is the day to look up to the heaven's
and praise the universe for the gift of mommies.

Although my mom doesn't get to play an active roll in my life due to her awful battle with Multiple Sclerosis, she is carried in the centre of my soul everyday. I dreamt about all the lovely contents in her jewelry box last night, and missed her horribly. You can really tell a lot about a woman by her jewelry.

In her health, she was the most vibrant, adventurous, loving, independent, giving, compassionate and knock down pretty woman you've ever seen. Today, she is the most courageous person I've ever known. Because of her- I have a deep, deep appreciation for my mobility, freedom and the fact that I can get out of bed every morning to be with my family. Never mind, everything else she has ever taught me.

I love you mom. I love you dearly.

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