Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day Brydon- 2011

Happy Father's Day Brydon.

Our wedding day- Aug. 4th, 2007.
This October, we will have been together for 10-years!
Love this man...

Photo Credit: pinterest
When he comes home, I light up inside.
I sent Morgan to the lake this weekend with his pillow- he, he.
She loves it and doesn't even want to
share it with him! He doesn't mind one bit.

Its been raining like mad all weekend, all week really. But it couldn't be any greener in our neighbourhood, and I as much as I'd prefer the sun, the air is fresh and clean, and our newly sodded yard looks spectacular. This weekend was truly dedicated for nesting. Brydon's mom and dad took Morgan to the lake so we could tie up some big last to do's around the house, like paint the nursery (I know, we've left it so late, it's been driving me nuts), hang the curtains (so my home birth doesn't turn into a block party) and get all the baby laundry DONE.

Here is my yuka taking a nice little shower. Looks so happy, doesn't he? In 2003, when we did our yoga training in Costa Rica, the first evening it poured over the massice thatch dojo, drenching the rainforest with a musical cleanse, thundering until the clouds were content in the morning. Our gurus shared that a big rain signifies change and growth, and boy were they right. Its rained this entire week, and I know my voyage is about to hit shore (hopefully glide-in, preferably) and life is about to change drastically once again. SO excited and a touch anxious all in the same cherry bowl.

I had no signs of pre-labor with Morgan and so far none with this one either. Suddenly my water broke and boom I was in full-on labor. I wonder how its going to happen this time? The mystery is so incredible and just 'so life'. Once this nursery is totally set up tonight, I'm going to have a little whisper with this darling in my belly, letting him or her know her sanction is ready and she is welcome anytime.

Its been so nice to have the weekend to ourselves,
and so easy to get things done!
But...I still miss her.
She'll be home this afternoon.

Chef Morgan.

38-weeks today and going strong!


This was my afternoon pick-me-up snack yesterday-
a perfect mix between devilish and delish,
especially on a rainy day.

Photo Credit: lil bee
Love this photo- such a subtle and
powerful image of love and friendship.

Photo Credit: Kiss the Groom
Cuddling equals happiness in our home.
Happy Father's day babe. You are so loved.

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