Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Maternity Pictures 36-weeks

We had such a fun afternoon yesterday, snapping away at my big belly. I let go of my semi-control freak ways, (usually I'd ask to see every picture after its taken, etc, etc.) but this time, I just let my husband do his thing with a few suggestions here and there. I must say, I think he not only captured the belly, but also the intimacy, the love and this very special moment in time- for soon it'll all be over, and yet just the beginning- no more belly, but a divine baby to hold and love.

I'm a little shy to share... but I truly believe that every pregnancy is sacred and beautiful. I would have loved to get more with Morgan, but she was far too busy zooming around, causing trouble and plenty of laughter. Amazing how our bodies morph into a whole new shape, curves and humps everywhere, exactly how its supposed to be. If you are expecting, I hope this gives you some different ideas of what just you and your hubby can do with your own camera in the comfort and ease of your own home. Enjoy. xx

I'm so glad that red balloon snuck into the picture.

Together again, we are about to welcome another precious child into the universe. What an honour. I'm so glad its with him.


  1. GORGEOUS!!! Lane - you are a beautiful and radiant. Can't wait too see pictures of new baby Edwards.

  2. Just beautiful! Pregnancy suits you so well and so does motherhood... Stunning Lane, just stunning. Big love to you and your precious growing family x x x
    Jan x

  3. mmmmmmmmmmm I just love her naked little body sooooooooooooooooooo sexy