Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Key to My Heart

Photo credit: Kiss the Groom

What Do You Love?
In no particular order...

love KISSES sweet dreams CHOCOLATE laughter SYDNEY my children BALLOONS hot tea BEAUTIFUL SHOES whispers CHERRIES neck rubs HOME smiles GIFT WRAP my camera NUTELLA AND STRAWBERRIES lazy afternoons FAMILY PHOTOS snuggles EUROPE naps HUGS a long walk with no where to go CREAM ANYTHING shells SCRAMBLED EGGS honey MAUI scarves BEING PRESENT vanilla YOGA my dad OLD DOORS tissue paper TULIPS clean sheets MORNING LIGHT windows SLEEPING IN mother goose GOOFING AROUND easter TRAVELLING a well-tailored red coat GRASS honesty LEMONS tenderness MY HUSBAND baths TREES pink lemonade KINDNESS shopping ESSENTIAL OILS the soft space nestled just between being awake & asleep GENUINE AFFECTION ocean SPARKLES poetry SWEETNESS the country-side SEA-SALT wood burning fire places HORSES music DISNEY decorating DANCING kiwis TENDERNESS kisses for no reason at all BELLINIS down comforters MUSIC humility COLD PINEAPPLE swimming FRIENDSHIP sweet peas LAVENDER grand cayman MOVIES berries ORGANIC ANYTHING sugar snap peas SAND BENEATH MY TOES sunglasses LOBSTER cheese JEWELRYorganization with just a hint of chaos LOYALTY expressive eyes AVOCADOS mountains HOT POOLS hand written letters on pretty paper MASCARA the perfect pair of jeans VINTAGE FURNITURE cards CARAMILK the sound of my husbands voice RAINY DAYS affection TRUTH memories FAMILY yellow HANDMADE QUILTS flip-flops LIFE artists GARDENS deep dark chocolate SELFLESSNESS unexpected blessings FAIRIES swings APPRECIATION wedding dresses GENTLENESS holding hands ROMANCE newborn babies LAUGHING wood floors CURLS somewhere over the rainbow PAINTING hot cocoa SEX pillows HOPE a good book & time to read it YOGURT soft kisses SPOONING old friends TOMATOES unexpected generosity ROCKS beautiful lingerie SOFT LINENS my wedding ring WRITING wishes INSPIRATION pretty backyards TEARS sprinklers BUBBLES my hands CLOUDS ketchup chips SUNSHINE feeling my babies kick inside me BIRTH cobblestone QUIET TIME soft housecoats MY MOM beach towels BOOK STORES waterfalls BUTTERFLIES potions LAUGHING morgan COOKING eating SINGING ginger-ale & orange juice MY HUSBAND'S FACE baby toes SOFT SKIN farmer's markets BUNNIES lemon meringue WOOD bumblebees MASON JARS candles MARSH-MELLOWS calligraphy HOT SHOWERS popsicles VACATIONS loveliness DR PEPPER magazines DRESSING UP dressing down BIRD HOUSES wineries LONG LASHES day dreaming NATURE WALKS bedtime stories



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