Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another Grand Reunion.

This summer, the mountains have really been a sturdy sanction of change, renewal and strength for me. Last weekend, Morgan and I made the road trip to Jasper once again to shed the busy city vibe with dad, Bev, Ryan (Bev's son) and Domi (Ryan's fiance).

On Saturday, after Domi, Ryan and I returned from an awesome white water rafting trip, my birth father, Rob, made a spontaneous trip up to meet all of us.

Here we are. What a crazy experience.

My whole life, I always thought that my birth father was Swedish. Ha, nope. I found out that I'm actually Slovakian, Hungarian, Turkish and Austrian. Sure, I'll take that. Rob said, if I were to ever be given a sword, I'd probably know how to use it very well...there's an idea. Can it be adorned with rubies and emeralds too?

Morgan loved Rob's big puppy- the lovely Keanna. Although Morgan continually harassed her with pats on the nose and tail tugs, Keanna's gentle nature prevailed. She also let Morgan feed her, carefully taking her food right from Morgan's tiny palm. What a good puppy.

Morgan checking out Rob's camera. In the evening, we went through several photo albums of my ancestors. It was wonderful to learn more about my roots. Rob and his family didn't come to Canada from Slovakia until he was eight-years-old. Fascinating to know that my grandma was a glamourous beauty queen, and my grandpa was a well-known commercial artist, professional photographer, and architect who designed the Saddle Dome, Mount Royal College, most of the bridges in Calgary, and many many more. Sooo interesting.

I think it was love at first sight.

My two papas!
Wow, how amazing to see them together.
Again, the support from my family was just awesome.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Morgan waving bye bye to Grandpa Rob.
I'm so looking forward to meeting the rest of the family,
especially my brother and sister, Mattea and Kaja.

Her ring is freakin BEAUTIFUL.
It was so good to spend the weekend with you guys.

'Ok mommy, time to let loose.'
Little monkey getting into kitchen mischief.

All tuckered out from so much
excitement and love, love love.

What a girl...
What a weekend. What a month! What a life.

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  1. Love it! What an adventure!