Monday, August 9, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I always dreamed of having a sister. Now, I can hardly believe I have three. I had the pleasure of meeting my 3rd sister, Mattea, over the weekend. She is an absolute doll, and I can't believe even though we're 10 years a part, how much we have in common.

Like weird things...we both rub our feet together to fall asleep, when we're walking next to someone, we usually walk them right off the sidewalk, we both LOVE to shop and are totally drawn to the same things, goo goo for anything girly and romanic, have BIG appetites, love to be active, put up with our super fine hair, love to read, crazy about animals, and live our lives to the tilt!

We seriously bonded over this fab sparkly nail polish we adorned our thumbs with at Sephora. We were going to buy it, but weren't willing to stand in the monstrous line. Instead, we decided to bond over something else...Oh, notice, its like the same thumb! Me on the left, her on the right.

Next, we stopped at Forever 21 and did a wild montage with Rod Stewart gold la-may leopard print leggings and matching disco tops- we were rockin. The camera was loving us!

This was hilarious. I seriously felt 19 again, loved it!

This girls got all the right moves.

Oh Jesus.

She seriously wanted to take these
I don't blame her, they were sweeeeet.

Instead of bonding over nail polish, we decided on these awesome head massagers from Urban Outfitters. Every time we use it, we'll think...hmmm I wonder if my sister's massaging her head??? And then we'll send loving vibes to each other...we obviously have our crazy, silly sense of humours in common!

I feel so lucky to have so many awesome people in my life, especially all this new family! Mattea is a fun-loving, down-to earth, endearing, beautiful young woman. I can't wait to spend more time with her. Smooooooch!

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