Monday, August 23, 2010

Work It Girl

This white duck is simply beautiful, and obviously very comfortable with her pear shaped figure. Imagine being dressed in a lovely feathered frock all the time. This gal has it going on.

These next few pics are images that encapsulate fresh and simple beauty. Can't get enough of the stuff.

Ahhhhh, I think I need to hang a clothesline in the new backyard. My panties wont exactly be blowing in a flowery country breeze, but still fresher than the LG dryer.

I love this arrangement of gorgeous vases, especially the crystal cut ones on each side. I hope to have my own garden one day to adorn these glitzy happy makers. Every home needs a little sparkle.

Lace, chiffon and sunlight- lovers like peanut butter and jelly.
I wouldn't mind doing the dishes in this ensemble.
It could use a top...if Morgan's around.

Who wants to get lost in a book?
I do, I do. All day long, if its here.
Who says libraries have to be navy and burgundy,
and oh so serious? Not me. Heck no!

This picture speaks to me...It says, "Lane, your life of glamour and utter chicness is somewhere in the laundry pile, in between the soggy Cheerio and stinky dish rag." Oh, how I miss getting dressed to the nines a little more often than...well, hardly ever.

Ha, what we do for our sweet babes. Dear Old Life, "I promise to wear my lulus only 3 times a week. I also promise to get some panty hose on, some sexy lingerie and some killer heels for 'almost' every date night. And if I want to rock some comfy sweats around the house, I'll do it with the panache of a fearless, sexy woman, who rules her life on her own terms. Take that old life."

I kind of feel more like this these days. Work it girl.

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