Monday, August 9, 2010

Morgan's Babies

After such a huge month of life-changing events, it was so nice to have a quiet day at home with Morgan. I love just watching her play with all of her toys. It fascinates me how she's so observant and already able to make sense of many things in this life. I can't believe how quickly she learns and picks up on how things work. They're like little miracle engineers.

Those cheeks, I could kiss, kiss, kiss.

That tiny tush makes my heart melt every time.

You just keep thinking, 'This month is for sure my favourite,' and then they're a month older and you think, 'No, its this month,' and so on. It just keeps getting better.

Its awesome to experience and celebrate they're milestones.
Every minute is like flying over a rainbow-
so spectacular and special.
Even when it gets busy, we do our best to soak her in
like a sponge of endless of love.

The treasure basket of endless fun.

Can any mommy ever get enough of those little hands and feet?

These are Morgan's most loved babies.
Her new favourite game is to line them up on the
window and rearrange them again,
and again, and again. Its so cute.

"Ok, you three. I'm going to show you my muscles. Hang on."

"Hi, Mommy."

"Ok babies, now you sit and behave."

Brydon named this sweet pink elephant, "Chopper." Ha.

She's always using her babies as pillows.

"Ok Hansel, you and Chip the squirrel are going to sit together whether you like it or not."

"Ok mommy, I'm getting sleepy."

Nap time, my love.

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