Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Panda Bear

Our sweet Cove is already 3-months old and 17-pounds on the button! We have no idea where this big baby came from, amazing really since Morgan is the complete opposite with such a tiny frame and not an ounce of chub on the girl. She had swimming lessons this morning and is like a turtle on her back- an incredibly awkward munchkin, arms and legs thrashing about. The monkey likes to be in control, so I'm thinking this is a metaphor for her stubbornness. She just needs to let go and relax.

These past few weeks have been kind of nuts- I think its sunk in that Cove isn't a 'rent-a-baby' and will be sticking around. This is obviously cramping Morgan's style as she is beginning to act out for attention all the time, meltdown central. Not to mention a touch of terrible 2's...poor nugget. We're doing everything in her our power to give her the attention she needs, but somedays its hard like when Brydon works 12-16 hours and its just the three of us. Good thing Cove goes to bed at 7 bells on the dot. Morgan is a 9pm'er which actually works out nicely, since those last couple hours we can just focus on her.

Brydon's mom took her to the lake for the weekend, so she could get outside, have Nana all to herself and enjoy plenty of fresh air. I miss her, but its also nice to have some time with just Cove. Here are his latest pics. They're similar to the others but this will make it easy and fun to see how he's changed as the months fly by.

He reminds me of a little panda bear when he smiles.

Yummy hands.

I love how agile babies' feet are,
he's always fanning out his toes. Its so cute.

Auntie Erin got him this sweet itty-bitty owl
from the farmer's market in Banff.

His eyes just melt me.

Tuckered out from all those pictures!

I've been missing Morgan, so I took a few snaps of her
room and the things that remind me of her.

She is obsessed with Tinkerbell. A few nights ago we were laying in bed and she said, "Ok, mommy, you trust daddy and daddy, you trust mommy. Trust...and pixie dust!" We could barely believe our ears, she's only 2 and coming up with this stuff.
It was pretty freakin adorable.

Piggy-bank castle from Nana. Morgan loves it.

I want a pair!

Thought this little vase from Ikea looked so pretty in this light.

Blankets, blankets, blankets everywhere. A sure sign of
a darling little baby and toddler in the home.
Wouldn't change it for the world.
The furniture stays warm too. :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where I Want to Be

Last weekend, we were scheduled in for TWO birthday parties on Saturday, both starting at of course...2pm. So naturally, we did both, but not without a little (actually, a lot) of help from my dear friend Bianka. Brydon had to work, so Bianka was my fill-in husband. I must say, I may just trade the husby in for good- she did a bang-up job!

The day began with a big birthday shop at Baby Gap. I actually had to buy 4 gifts for 4 spectacular little girls, since both parties were double birthdays- double the fun too. Without Bianka, I can't tell you how stressful the day WOULD have been. She was awesome to me and my kidlets. We had quite the adventure and boy, did we have fun. 'Love you Bonks!' Here's a little photo journal in honour of our fabulous and oh so exhausting birthday marathon.

My cousin, Stephanie, is a birthday cake extraordinare. The girl made this masterpiece with her two little hands. Isn't it wonderful! Tasted scrumptious too. I told her she needs to go into business!

Each little girl got a Disney Princess Dress to take home!
Morgan loved her Ariel dress, suited her too.

Princess and dear friend- 'The Bianka'.
PS. look at the size of Cove's thigh!

Sir Sleeping Prince Cove.

These cupcakes were so yummy num num num...

Their playroom was so spectacular,
I almost peed my pants!

Morgan had such a good time with all the other princesses,
never-mind the super girlie toys!

Princess Party #2-Featuring Princesses January and Lila
I picked up these gorgeous little shoes from Baby Gap for Morgan. January couldn't help but try them on. Morgan was very watchful she didn't run away with them- hehe.

A little small, but I think she likey!

Morgan told this clown who's da boss.

They were fabulous birthday parties, and I'm so glad we galavanted to them both. Thank you Stephanie, Corina and Corrie for hosting! We had a really great time. Your girls are very lucky to have mommies like you.

We spent the first week of September in Calgary for Ryan and Domi's wedding (pics to come), along with visiting my birth mom and her family (the best baby-sitters ever. thank you), and some of Brydon's close friends from school. First up- the ever so charming and adorable, Torrence Family. Man, do they ever have squeezable kids. Here we have- Jake, Jasmine, Judah and of course, our little Morgan at the picnic table.

Just grillin up a burger, mom.

Jake was a perfect gentleman.

On the holiday Monday, we jetted out to Turner Valley to visit my lovely and ever-so-endearing birth father, Rob. On the way home we snuck in a fabulous little hike in Kananaskis Country. Fresh air, the smell of pine needles- exactly what we needed. Morgan loved the mountains and throwing rocks into the river. We even took a few special ones home and placed them on the ledge underneath our mailbox.

So far, September has been busy, wonderful, heart-warming, exhausting, and everything else in- between. Just happy to be here...this place in my life... and getting through each day. Learning to juggle both kids while Brydon works long and late. I get gusts of energy that drown out the sleep deprivation, most days. The night time nursing is always the hardest, but the quiet moments in the wee hours, I treasure. His soft head against my arm, his happy belly filling up with of warm milk, nuzzled in close to me. I can feel him breathing and know all to well that this will be over soon.

Sad and relieved in the same yawn of fatigue and gratitude, I gently place him back in his crib, hoping he doesn't stir much before he settles into another wink of peaceful sleep. I place my hand softly on his tummy to soothe him, let him know I'm lingering for just a few more seconds. I return to my bed, hopefully to get in some more beauty rest. The stars know, these days, I need it.

He's only 2.5 months old and already 15-pounds of solid boy. Tried to put him in the Bumbo yesterday and it was a no-go. His knees don't fit unless I shove him in there! It was so tight, I thought I was going to pop his chubby legs off. Morgan fit into that thing until she was well over one! Talk about opposites. Here are some current pics of our sweetie-pies.

Can you spot the little tushie?

...or at least try. xo