Friday, October 21, 2011

Loving October

October- the trees, the crunchy leaves, the crisp comforting smell, cozy sweaters and bright warm sunshine. Brydon has had his busiest month of the year, so the kids and I have pretty much been flying solo. I miss my hubby like crazy, but we have our Mondays- my favourite day of the week. He always takes it off for Morgan's swimming lessons in the morning, family time in the afternoon and then I'm off to teach a yoga class in the evening, so he's Mr. Mom. Last week, I came home to a dance party to La Bamba in my living room and left over roasted sweet potatoes for dinner. It was...perfectly us.

Here are some of my absolute fav pics from this month of strange craziness and bliss. And its not even over! Halloween, here we come! I'm so excited to hand out treats this year and take Morgan around the block in her uber cute ladybug costume. I've always loved halloween, the creativity, the CANDY (which my mom used to buy off of us, so we wouldn't eat it all- smart lady) and all the decorations that come with. There's a way to do it tastefully wonderful and still a bit spooky. It'll be even more fun when Morgan is old enough to make her own costumes, definitely something we'll encourage. I love the mad hunt around the house for all the perfect pieces, and then putting it all together. Spooktacular!

October is symphony of permanence and change.
-B.W. Overstreet

Anyone for some leaf stomping? Me, me, me!!! Who wants to roll around in these lovelies?! Remember separating them into piles, then making rooms into them? I still want to live in house made of beautiful leaves.

He is just so content on his change table.
Must be some extra auspicious energy in that part of our home.


Oh yeah, autumn cupcakes.
Got a little domestic this month:)

These Vegan cupcakes are to die for! Maybe I've loved October so much since I've made THREE batches of these 'pupcakes' as Morgan calls them! Oh, so yummy.

Morgan's mini pumpkin she painted and sparkled the bajeezus out of at the Scarecrow Festival with Nanabelle and I.:)

Goodness, he looks like Brydon is this pic.

His first pair of jeans.

They are starting to bond like crazy this month. He can't take his eyes off of her every move, and Morgan has really adjusted back into herself, and is loving up her brother now like the rest of us. Mommy and daddy are soooo happy.

My neighbourhood is looking more beautiful than ever. I've been taking the kids for little autumn strolls while the weather hangs in there. Its just been gorgeous.

The 3pm light in our home is heavenly. We have so many windows, sometimes its blinding. But we soak it in, and so does my camera.

Daddy's helper, always.

Oh, that smile. Stinkin cute!

This is my dear friend Darcie. She was one of the first people who came to my yoga class when I first started teaching back in 2003. Stuck like glue ever since, the yoga and me! We spent the afternoon together today and Morgan was in-love. She greeted Darcie at the door in her Ariel princess dress, invited her in, and then wanted to snuggle with her immediately.

We had so much fun sipping tea (Morgan too) and nibbling on yummy fruit, hummus and crackers. Darcie also came bearing new Stella books (love), stuffed bears and a gorgeous blanket for Cove. Ironically, one I've had my eye on at Chapters. Don't you love when that happens! She is such an amazing friend, I just love her to bits.

Cove's new blanket, and this is the 3pm light
I'm talking about. Amazing right!

Covey, lookin like his daddy again.

I thank my lucky stars this precious
little man is in my life everyday.


I have a feeling she's going to be an artist. She is so into drawing and colouring already. Its definitely in the blood, we are lucky to have so many in our family. Whatever she is going to be passionate about, its going to be so amazing to watch unfold. I hope I can recognize the signs and give her an abundance of the right tools, people and support.

Isn't this a fab pic.
Speaks to my heart.

Mommy kisses in the sunshine.
Can't get enough of either.

My darling boy.

His darling hands.

Late night shahanigans.

Daddy love.

Thank you universe for blessing me with such a wonderful life. We have so much on our plate right now, so many things we want to accomplish in the next while...yet, we're just trying to stay so present to enjoy each second. Its a busy, busy life. Things are always happening and evolving, but we thrive off the change and growth that comes with the process.

I have some pretty big personal goals I want to dominate this year still. To make space for the extra time seems impossible most days, never-mind getting some sleep in there to keep me sane! I just gotta stay focused and healthy and get'er done! I'm thankful for good friends that are so supportive and just fun to be around- what an imperative outlet! Its not all easy, but I wouldn't trade it in for the world.

Would love to hear how YOU are all doing with juggling your life and kids if you have them. I think I must only hear from 1% of my readers...please don't feel shy to contact me, share with me. Thinking of you. xo

Mommy love- the best kind of love there is.

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  1. I would LOVE to visit your house, your little daughter seems to be naked all the time