Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whimsy at its Finest

Happy 3rd Anniversary to me...

Brydon and I's 3rd year anniversary is coming up this August 4th. We've been on a whirlwind tour since our wedding in 2007. So much has happened- life has been very good to us. I'd like to do something really special this year to celebrate... so I'm thinking this would be perfect. Set up a table in the country, a real feast for the eyes, and wine and dine with close friends into the late hours of the moonlight. What do you think? I am so charmed. The beauty of it just takes my breath away. Now, I want to experience it!

Jill Thomas (photographer extraordinare) is a genius, and yes, I want to know these people. It doesn't get anymore fabulous than this my friends.

(Photo credits: Jill Thomas Photography)
The details are so delicious, I can taste the oranges and ever-flowing champagne. A girl could have a lot of fun with this, and Brydon could have a lot of fun making out with me in some random field under the stars...hopefully mosquitos aren't a big deal this year.


  1. I think that is an amazing idea! I can already imagine the candle lanterns hanging from the trees. You should definitely play dress up too...all guests need to come old hollywood style or something like that...the pictures would be epic!!

  2. I know! Old Hollywood vintage, right! I can't wait to take all the fun photos. I wish u were here to join us! xo