Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh Floris

I am such a sucker for beautifully crafted furniture. The Danes always seems to get it right with their sumptuous lines, natural materials and innovative designs. But its a Dutchess in this case, Floris Schoonderbeek, that has the obvious panache to create such a lovely vessel. This couch is more of an art peice vs. a practical sofa to live your life on and drop runaway crackers, bobby pins, and coins in between the cushions. The black bow is exquiste. Oh Floris, I want to 'Schoonderbeek you' for creating such an impractical stunner. Bravo.

1 comment:

  1. I had to google her and came across my DREAM.... you see, Ms. Schooderbeek makes outdoor bathtubs... how wonderful is that?!?!?!??! Wouldn't it be bliss to take a nice soak outdoors in the middle of garden? Oh- you have me dreaming now girl.