Sunday, April 18, 2010

A hodge podgy kind of weekend...

Bendy like her mama.

I spent the weekend with some of my favorite people. I love the intimacy that we share, the easy conversation, the hearty laughs, and of course the good food that always seems to come with. Oh yes, and I'm obsessed with my new camera! It clings to me like a new limb. I've named him Philip. He is absolutely dreamy.

We also spent some time at the farm this weekend, moving Bev's ancient horse 'Babe' back to the pasture for the summer. Bev thinks she'll maybe only make it through one more winter. The old beauty was ecstatic to be with her two best friends again, Jiggers and Archimedes- two gorgeous geldings. Babe used to be a bit of a bad ass. When we unleashed her, she kicked up her heels to show her buddies that she's still the boss. Sad to think the earth will soon lose something so beautiful. The pic below- I just love her shaggy hooves.

We hosted our first BBQ this spring. The weather was perfect, and it just felt amazing to be outside. Morgan happily crawled around the patio, investigating every inch. She also enjoyed the potato salad and some juicy watermelon for dessert.

I feel thankful for being able to share such closeness with those whom I love. When I glanced at a post-it-note on Bev's desk, on it was scribbled, "Self discipline is remembering what you really want." Need I say more.
More pics coming soon.

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