Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mr. Man and Lil Woman

Cove looks so grown up in this picture. I can see the young man he is going to be someday, and a lot sooner than I'd like. This is what my Mr. Man is loving right now:

His bright blue Adidas (he's always trying to put them on himself)
Big cuddles from mommy- he mulls me
The apple cider vinegar bottle from the lazy susan ???
Pooping on the floor (and playing with it) therefore, naked time is VERY limited
Fruit popsicles
Playing in the toilet
Kisses, kisses, kisses
Nursing before naps and bedtime
Hugs from Morgan
Playing 'stinky toes' (you know the game)
Trucks, trucks, trucks
Playtime outside- I can't open the front door for a second without him trying to escape
Fresh raspberries (he could eat the whole pint)
Tools, especially real ones
Socializing with other nuggets (this often results in a beaming perma-smile)
Bath time with Morgan
Loud sounds (blenders, engines, drills, blowdryers) so opposite from Morgan
Getting his hands washed in the sink and then vice-gripping the tap
Snuggling with mommy/daddy in the shower as the warm water runs down his back
His penguin suit
Ketchup (dammit) tried to switch it to whole-made, but that didn't go over
Bopping along to rock n roll music
Playing in the kitchen
Shoving the corners of his blankie into his mouth, he loves his blankie
Chocolate (yes, I occasionally give him a small square of good dark chocolate)

This guys is just too cute. His smile melts everyone around him, and according to the other mom at Morgan's preschool, so does his perfect shaped head, hehehehe.

These kiddos keep me so busy, but they also fill me with daily joy that shows up in ways that surprise and nourish me with very necessary love and laughter. They are so easy to love. Yes, I lap them up, but I'm always happy for bedtime. Who isn't?

When you plan to have kids, you really have no idea what you're in for...maybe thats a good thing. You get to be so wonderfully selfish in your twenties, actually your whole life up until you have wee ones. The universe's plan to stretch your heart and make you grow in ways you never thought possible. Thank God. Without them, we'd be a bunch of self-absorbed a-holes, and not even know it!;) Thats a joke:) lol Love these two. xo ps. 2 days until California, here we come!:) It was so cold taking Morgan to pre-school this morning, I can hardly wait for long flowy sun dresses, flip-flops and the beeeeach.


  1. aww these shots are so sweet. I loved Cole's little face peaking from out the door and the ones of them two together are the greatest.glad you're documenting so many sweet memories, and glad they love bath time, my mom recalls that was often a battle w/ my brother and me haha.

  2. Thank you! Love taking all these pictures, its too much fun. Hopefully one day I can turn this blog into a keepsake book for them! That would be perfect. Thanks for sharing, love hearing from u xxoo