Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Little Love Downstairs

As many of you know, we have been renovating our 1950's style bungalow for the past two years. Finally we've made our way through the ins and outs of our home, and now its time to finish up our basement- which thankfully means double the square footage. Yipee! We're kind of bursting at the seams upstairs and can't wait to have a new office, playroom, living room, guest bedroom, laundry room and 2nd bathroom in the new space. 

Finally, I can clear most of the toys out of the kids rooms and give them a new home downstairs, never mind, get our computer off our dining table once and for all. Hurray! I've been dreaming of this space for a long time, and we're almost there. Here has been some of my inspiration...

These rainbow Sharpies in a mason jar of baking sprinkles is just too cute, I have to have it on my office table, right. Morgan will love it and for sure end up dumping it...oh well, makes me happy just looking at it! 

Billy bookcases from Ikea made to look like fabulous built-ins! Also love the white with pops of cheery yellow. Our basement doesn't have a lot of natural light, so this is a great solution for drawing in a sense of light and airiness into the space. 

Vintage wall paper used to trace out a sweet wee house- love. 

Brydon is going to use chalkboard paint for a entire wall in the playroom. I'm not sure who will be getting their creative on more, the littles or mommy. 

You can by these ultra narrow shelves at ikea and use them to display pictures, or for creating a mini library. We are bookaholics in this house, so I'm definitely incorporating this into the plan. 

Yellow hearth, white desk, bright patterned rug. 

The kelly green wall is actually the same colour we are painting the largest wall in our office. Bold, right! I can't wait to accent it with white shelves, frames and beautiful storage.  We are using Shamrock by ICI- its deep, energizing and totally amazing.  

This tile.  

Finally, I'm so excited to display some of the amazing pictures we've taken over the years. I've been slowly collecting white frames for this purpose. This is a great way to enjoy your pictures but not clutter up your entire home with different frames everywhere. Ikea is the prefect place to pick up an abundance of affordable frames for this fab purpose. 

I'm in love with this wallpaper from Anthropology. You're looking at $200 a roll, so for the wall we want to do- $600. Quite a splurge and definitely something we'll have to think about saving for...but love it!

Thinking of this copper light fixture for the spare bedroom, along with this gorgeous Moroccan wall paper from Urban Outfitters. I have a beautiful four-poster bed that will look amazing with this style of decor. 

Our goal is to have this project complete by Dec. 1st. I will make sure to post the pictures of our little downstairs sanction when its done. Until then, happy renovating to all those undertaking their own spaces and turning them into something that feels amazing. (Photo credits- Pinterest, of course)

Here are a few pictures of the kids on the last really nice day we had here. These two love being outside so much, I don't what i'm going to do when winter comes. The Muttart Conservatory will be our second home like last year:) For now, we're soaking up this lingering warmth and blissful sunshine. 


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