Monday, October 15, 2012

I've Been Dreaming In Colour

Hello! As you've noticed, I've put some love-labour into Little Miss Cupcake Sugarpants. It was time to give this space a fresh look and feel. I was feeling a little stagnant and needed some inspiration to stay alive on this creative trek in the blog world. My old pretty pink template and tutu served me well, and was such a beautiful landing space over the past 3-years. But life has changed and this space should change with it. So WELCOME. Same kiddos, same mama, same love, just a new smile. So please, make yourself at home, take a look around. Share the space, share the love.  

A great DIY project. These sheets are amazing. 

Just a little bit of paint on these Ikea vases makes them shine in colour. 
What a great idea. 

How sweet is this happy vintage collection. 

I'm really in love with dreamcatchers. 
My plan is to start making them, especially for nurseries. 
A creative, therapeutic winter project- yesssss. 

Thrift shop picture frames and candle sticks painted in bright colours. 

Nigella Lawson's home library- I'm so envious and inspired. 

So...what do you think? Thank you so much for visiting. Like always, I would love to hear from you. Hey! Who's the devote visiter from Mountain View, California? You have my curiosity. It would be lovely to know your name and how you found LMCS.:) Happy week everyone. Hope you love the new space. xo

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