Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Beauty and Coffee Talk

I just wanted to share a few of my favourite looks for fall. Easy, beautiful looks you just want to wear everyday. I just bought this beautiful cream knit cowl from a little shop on Etsy, called Happyknits. I'm so in love, and felt radiant and cozy stepping out in it to teach my yoga class. Nothing more comforting than wrapping yourself in a handmade beauty. Below are some pretty cozy, lovely looks that have inspired my fall wardrobe. At this time, I don't miss my summer frocks one bit! 

Brydon and I have really been reflecting upon how short life is, and how amazing we really have it. Every night we lie in bed in awe of our beautiful children, and our deep love for one another. I know, it  sounds soooo... I don't know, but its our sweet truth. No matter how exhausted we are, we feel crazy blessed to spend this life nurturing and loving Morgan and Cove, and each other. Helping them BE whoever they are here to be. 

It seems at 30, you begin to count the rest of your life in decades. At least I do. There is so much to do, absorb, see and create. I sometimes feel overwhelmed, especially because I have so many interests, passions. I could delve myself into so many facets of creativity, pondering, doing, learning. All of a sudden time doesn't linger around like in my twenties. We are starting to lose our grandparents (like all at once), and mortality is so much more real. We feel it in our bones, in the deepest corners of our hearts. It sometimes makes me ache with gratefulness, with a bittersweet knowing that this wont last forever. So my lovelies...


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