Saturday, February 16, 2013

In Pure We Trust

It all happens, but usually takes so much longer than we could ever imagine. Thankful for all the universal teachings along the way. So much stronger for it:) Its truly about the journey, being present to the now. I'm loving the now:)

I'm off to Venice Beach on Monday- 5 days in sunny California, to do a photo shoot with Pura's amazing yogi ambassador, Myrah Penaloza. I'm excited to emerge myself into the community, and see where Pura fits. Its amazing what happens when you put yourself out there, pour your whole heart into what you love, create something beautiful and then give it a vessel...  

What's an Egg Got to Do With It? 
The egg in Pura's logo symbolizes purity- an organic shape, round like the earth, full of limitless possibility. The flower growing out of the egg represents the union between life and nature, and how they must flourish together in health and radiance. Pura is the birth of what these two symbols bestow upon us- pure essential oils. These oils are a natural modality to reach the subtle energies of the body, potent with life force, but when carefully tinctured, have exquisite benefits.

Learn more about me and Pura at

In pure we trust, in love we grow. Can't wait to post all about my adventure in California! xx 

Photo Credit of hand, "you are good enough"- Pinterest, photographer unknown 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love More, Worry Less

Took a few quick snaps of the kids this morning before dropping Morgan off at preschool for her first official Valentine's party. I so badly wish I could have stuck around. She was so excited and had all her valentine's we had put together the night before ready in her new heart backpack. We did old-school pink and red heart straws looped through pink paper bags. A nice change other than more sweets for the little ones. Cove was still in his pyjamas, but none the less, pleased as punch to have a cookie and pink milk first thing in the morning...

I wanted to get a few shots just of Cove too, but Morgan jumped in after getting her jacket on for preschool. She said, "Mommy, it'll be cuter if im in it too." lol

 Happy Valentine's Day from us. 
Hope it was full of love and maybe a sweet treat or two...or three. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bird Calls and Lullabies

Dear Morgan,

Lately, there have been moments when you've been the all-star mom. Like today in the car, Cove flipped when I tried to buckle him into his carseat. Arching his back, sliding down, wrestling me with his super baby boy strength, screaming at the top of his lungs. Suddenly, you started hollering out strange bird calls, so I instantly shushed you, "Morgan, please, I don't need you hollering out over him."

"But mommy, look, I'm distracting him," you replied. In the mean time, I haven't even noticed that you've completely hyponotized him- he's no longer crying and his body has melted into his seat.

"Ah, ha." I reply. "You are right, nicely done... Thank you."

Moments like this are happening more and more often now. Your awareness- always so present, so on the ball. You see things I don't, and as quickly as you can escalate a drama in our home, you are almost twice as quick to diffuse it.  Another note- you are three-years-old. THREE. Your little maternal instincts shine through already. You continue to enlighten me with your wisdom, and I owe you a big thank you with a zillion hugs attached to it.

After I tucked you into bed tonight, you wrangled me into staying longer.  Now you wanted me to sing you two lullabies. Then of course, two more after that, so instead of a thousand lullabies later, I got you to sing me one...

(You sing)
I like your eyes,
I like your nose,
I like your ears, your mouth...your bum (giggle, giggle) and your toes (giggle, giggle)

(I sing)
I like your eyes,
I like your nose,
I like your ears, your mouth, your fingers, and your toes,
I like your smile, it sure is you...
I like everything you say and do...
In all the world,
In every town,
There's no one quite   like   you...

Me- Goodnight Morgan. I love you.

You- I love you too mommy. Goodnight.

Me- I owe you for the bird calls.

You- (quiet bird calls)

... Wise old owl...:)

xx Mommy

Celebrating love more than ever this month. xo

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A White Settee & A Penguin

I was so thrilled when my hubby brought this beauty home a few weeks ago. One of his clients simply didn't want it anymore, so we happily took it off his hands. Not sure how we are going to keep it clean... the first day we got it, Cove walked right over to it and peed on it. As if to mark his territory- I just about died- lil monster. Scrubbed the pee out, but not sure if its going to stay this white and lovely for very long... For now, what a pretty white settee- I'm in love. 

Came with a lovely chair too, all in mint condition. 
Love vintage finds like this, especially when they don't cost a dime. 

What I love most, are these two munchkins. 

And what else goes with a white settee? But a wee penguin, of course. 
Now thats a match made in heaven.