Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bird Calls and Lullabies

Dear Morgan,

Lately, there have been moments when you've been the all-star mom. Like today in the car, Cove flipped when I tried to buckle him into his carseat. Arching his back, sliding down, wrestling me with his super baby boy strength, screaming at the top of his lungs. Suddenly, you started hollering out strange bird calls, so I instantly shushed you, "Morgan, please, I don't need you hollering out over him."

"But mommy, look, I'm distracting him," you replied. In the mean time, I haven't even noticed that you've completely hyponotized him- he's no longer crying and his body has melted into his seat.

"Ah, ha." I reply. "You are right, nicely done... Thank you."

Moments like this are happening more and more often now. Your awareness- always so present, so on the ball. You see things I don't, and as quickly as you can escalate a drama in our home, you are almost twice as quick to diffuse it.  Another note- you are three-years-old. THREE. Your little maternal instincts shine through already. You continue to enlighten me with your wisdom, and I owe you a big thank you with a zillion hugs attached to it.

After I tucked you into bed tonight, you wrangled me into staying longer.  Now you wanted me to sing you two lullabies. Then of course, two more after that, so instead of a thousand lullabies later, I got you to sing me one...

(You sing)
I like your eyes,
I like your nose,
I like your ears, your mouth...your bum (giggle, giggle) and your toes (giggle, giggle)

(I sing)
I like your eyes,
I like your nose,
I like your ears, your mouth, your fingers, and your toes,
I like your smile, it sure is you...
I like everything you say and do...
In all the world,
In every town,
There's no one quite   like   you...

Me- Goodnight Morgan. I love you.

You- I love you too mommy. Goodnight.

Me- I owe you for the bird calls.

You- (quiet bird calls)

... Wise old owl...:)

xx Mommy

Celebrating love more than ever this month. xo

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