Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer Holidays

Brydon, Morgan and I were able to sneak away to B.C. for a week with some fabulous friends. Between moving, renovating and vacationing, we've been one busy family. A holiday was exactly what we needed. Here are some pics from our lovely week in the Okanogan.

Look at me. I finally got some teeth!

Morgan and Keira gobbled down a whole bowl of Mini Wheats
during some classic bedtime stories. They went nuts.
Who doesn't like Mini Wheats- yum.

It was seriously a week long playdate for Morgan.
She had such a riot.

Our only nice day of weather!
Thank God the company was so good.

Old school.

This view is going to be my backyard someday.

The wineries in the Okanogan are amazing. This one is particular, us ladies loved. The boys looked after the kiddies one evening, so us girls could enjoy B.C.'s best.

Tricia, me, Lisa and Chelsea.

The gorgeous and ridiculously chic, Ex Nihila.

Silly girls.

This winery was I'll be back.
Oh, and the wine was good too.

Jude sleeping on his mommy.
Makes me want another asap. Sooo sweet.

Hangin on the window sill with daddy.

Keira and her million dollar smile.
A real beauty just like her mama.

Jude and Rylan were so quiet and chill. Sometimes we'd forget they were playing on the floor, and we'd almost trip over them.

Lisa's new Mark Jacob's flats, love em.

Lisa and Keira cruising down the dock.

Sleepy sailor. Morgan zonked out about
5-minutes into her first boat road.

And she's out.

Morgan loved her sand toys.
She had a ball with that little pink beach set.

Travis and Trish's little one, Rylan.
I don't know how many time I kissed those cheeks.

Precious chubs.

Keira and Morgan became kiss and hugaholics by the end of the trip. They just adored each other. I am so thrilled we got to spend time with some of our best friends. Can't wait to do it again next year. Love you guys. xo

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