Friday, September 24, 2010

A Little Catchup

My Dearest Morgan,
I can't believe how many words you are beginning to say. There's duck, kiss, up, hi, bye, book, bus, mama, dada, (the essentials), no (your fav.), bath, block, (she's very good with her b's and ck's), me (which is just as frequent as 'no'), puppy, milk, toot (today's addition, ha ha) and many more. Everyday your sweet little mouth is spilling out new words.

You know what I'm patiently waiting for...I love you. I must tell you how much I love you a hundred times a day. The day you say those two or three words back, I will melt many moons over and over again. Until then, I joyously welcome your adorable babbling and one worders.
I also can't believe how much you can understand. It blows my mind how quickly you are comprehending what we are saying to you. Now, whether or not you choose to listen, is a completely other story.

Also my little Beyonce, you are blooming into one dancing diva. You work that bootie just like your mama! You love to dance. Whether its music on a commercial, or we're having a little family dance party, you like to move it. When you get crabby or when life is feeling a bit tense, we just turn up the tunes and shake the crabbies away! Works every time sweetpea, for little girls and big girls, like mommy too. Remember that honey.

My friends and loyal readers,
I know the posts haven't been as frequent. My apologies. We have been busy beyond belief. Brydon's been swamped with Integrity, while completely gutting and renovating our new home, and raising a wee one, never-mind all the other stuff that seems to pile up. Sometimes he's not home until after 10pm, or the next day if he has a move to Calgary. I miss him, and I can't wait until we can just chill as a family in our new home. I love it, but some days, it poops me out. The mommies with two and three bugs are snickering at me right now. I know it. Oh good news! Morgan just started to sleep through the night at 16-months. Hip-hip-hooray! Man oh man, she's down for 11 to 12-hours and its bliss.

We rented our condo out on the 20th of September, so now we're staying with Brydon's mom and dad until the renovations are done. AKA- the in-laws, ha. We're thinking we'll be in late Oct. but who knows. Renovations never go as planned. In the meantime, we're working our bananas off to get the house done and enjoying the fall, my favourite time of year. I crave the tailored coats, cozy sweaters, long pants, dark jeans, and great boots. On my wish list- camel riding boots. I'll trade in the bright summer colors for romantic jewel tones, chocolate, red, navy and punches of yellow and green any day. (As I write this, I'm telling Morgan, "Please don't eat the Play-Doh, honey. Yucky!" It just can't taste good. Silly goose nugget.)

...Back to oozing over fall. Oh, fall. How I love your minimalistic elegance, your classic comfort, and inhaling a chai latte while taking a stroll through the pumpkin and crimson kissed river- valley.

Exciting news. I meet my birth grandparents this Sunday. They're coming up to Edmonton for brunch. What should I make? I"m sure they can't wait to get a snuggle from Morgan. They go by 'Bo Bo' and 'Gong Gong', or Bo and Gong. Yup, kind of wild, but super fun. I'll tell you how they got those names after our visit on Sunday. I don't know too much about them yet. I know they've lived in the same family home for 50-plus years, have vacationed in Hawaii every year for 50-plus years as well (talk about solid peeps), and supposedly, I get my natural passion for writing from my Gong Gong (grandpa), who is described as a Scottish romantic who creates 'magic' with words. I'm so looking forward to absorbing more of my family, getting to know them is like getting to know myself on a deeper level. So amazing. I am so thankful.

Here is a beautiful little writing piece of Gong Gong's that sent to all of his children and grandchildren this July:

Spider Webs & Cobwebs

We are all reminded daily that the path of life is often littered with spider webs and cobwebs, some old and some new. The old cobwebs, from days gone by, bring forth memories from the past and the new spider webs may often ensnare us in conflict as they are spun across our path of life; or lead us on a life changing wonderful adventure. The old adage that "a new broom sweeps clean" comes to mind as we try to clean out some of the past and avoid the many pitfalls on the way to the future. A slippery slope to negotiate at the best of times trying to find a way over, under or through the obstacles in the path of life, or taking us on an exhilarating climb to new and exciting places. The right path usually exists; a fork in the road; trying to find it is part of the journey of life. I believe that the fabric of life is intrinsically woven by a power beyond our control.

"... the soul would have no rainbow
if the eyes had no tears."

~ Part of a Native American saying

To all those I love and hold dear to my heart.
With great love and respect,
Dad, Grand Dad, Great Grand Dad, Gong Gong
Monday, July 26, 2010

This is the family I have the pleasure to get to know. Lucky, lucky me. Through all of life's plenty of hardships, an abundance of sweetness manages to soak through the cracks. I plan to lap up every inch of its nectar. Even if i have to get down on my hands and knees and lick the cement.

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