Monday, August 22, 2011

Fall- The Great Romance

Autumn. . .asks that we prepare for the future- that we be wise in the ways of garnering and keeping. But it also asks that we learn to let go- to acknowledge the beauty of spareness.
- B.W. Overstreet (1947)

Life has been busy...finishing the upstairs renovations, turning the house upside down to paint...again. Yes, the painters did an awful job, so its our second go around. We picked a Behr paint called Gobi Desert- its soothing and warm all in the same pale. I love it. This week we'll be painting the trim and finishing the doors- can't wait. We're also gearing up for fall. As sad as I am that summer is over, secretly I always look forward to fall. Maybe not the drop in temperature so much, but more so getting back into a routine, switching modes, the city dressed in passionate hues and savoury butternut squash soup of course.

We've regisitered Morgan for swimming lessons, and I'm back to teaching yoga on Monday nights. I remember what it felt like to go back 4 months after I had Morgan, just the drive to the studio alone...ALONE, was wonderful. I know it'll be good 'adult time' for me, and I always love sharing the gift of yoga.

We've had some fabulous weather over the past week. It spiked to a rare 30-degrees on the weekend when we frolicked to the spray park in St. Albert. What a party that was. Music blasting, kids having the time of their life, even an old-school concession selling 5 cent candies (more like 50 cents now), chips and popsicles. It was perfect and Morgan had a ball, actually, we all did. Can't imagine that we'll be returning to buttery mulled cider and cozy sweaters just around the corner, but I'll accept it, like all Edmontonians have to. Superstore is already carrying Halloween candy, and I'm horrified to share that Costco already has Christmas trees. Well, at least that's what I've heard. So if its a rumour, its a nasty one. Sometimes, I just want to saddle, mount and ride a horse the hell out of here. Our summers are just too short. But I'm allergic to horses and they make me look very ugly- red puffy eyes that ooze who knows I wont be doing that anytime soon.

Anyways...I'm savouring the last bit of light that still hangs on just past 9pm. I'll miss zooming around the city- bare arms and flip-flops. I refuse to sulk (at least out loud) over the changing of seasons, my husband does enough of that for both of us. Poor doll worships the sunshine to his core.

So as summer draws its brief curtain, we're galavanting out as much as possible. Cove is already 13-pounds of solid boy at just 7-weeks old. I kid you not, I have to make myself an appointment with the chiropractor ASAP since my back is killing me from hauling his big baby bootie around. This butterball likes to be held, and rocked and bounced, and held some more and mama Lane is sore. His demeanour is so sweet, but he has a cry like a shrieking baby eagle. When he gets going, our eardrums quiver. He sounds like a dinosaur bird...its amazing really. Don't worry, we're still loving him up...endlessly, but he'll never live this cry down. Geeesh.

Look at me, I can make a disaster in 2.2 seconds!

We just got Morgan into a big girl bed...she cried when she saw that daddy had taken a part her crib. It was a bit heartbreaking and surprising to see her so sad, but she's ready for a change and she'll forget about that crib (which was my crib) in no time. So bittersweet to see her growing so quickly. She absolutely oozes life, love and sweetness. Our golden girl. Here are a couple of pics of Little Miss Cupcake Sugarpants in all her tutu glory. What a ham, hey.

She is getting so independent, creating her own world-
that imagination growing sensationally.
Its so fun to watch.

This may just have to be my fall project for Morgan.

Her fav of course- SPAGHETTI!

Our little chubs. More pics to come.

As September approaches and the sun relinquishes its generosity, wear the cold well my friend. . .fall style is totally where its at. I am magnetically drawn to its structure, strength, and texture. The colours- rich or subdued and oh so grounding. The fabrics- thick, well-cut and unwavering. The look- casual, yet put together. I heart the layering, the gorgeous red-head in a mustard tailored coat and dark jeans. The milkshake of classic looks with a splash of something unexpected.

How about creating a wonder book of looks on Pinterest that guide your shopping trips. Embrace the 'finders keepers' attitude when a trip to a boutique or favourite store is an excuse to treasure hunt for your closet, your home. The Great Romance of fall is returning back to yourself, dressing yourself in garbs that make you feel comfortable, beautiful and powerful. Throw on those gold flats and red coat, even if your just stepping out for some milk.

Here's a little fall montage collected from pinterest to get you in a September kind of mood...

Fall is like an old flame you just can't help but indulge in.
Ok, its 1am. Cove will be up to nurse in an hour or so,
gotta sneak off to bed. Sleep tight.
Nighty night. xxoo

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