Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Friday

Aren't these shoes positively perfect! I'm sad to say, there was no making out under the stars last night. It totally slipped my snotty nose that I have a rotten cold that keeps hanging around. We went out for a beautiful dinner last night, and you think I could taste a thing? Nope. I ordered the healthiest dish on the menu- fresh B.C. salmon. I'm sure it was divine. I swear I have so much snot, I've got boogies stuffed down to my toes. Yuck. One of us sick is bad enough, never mind both. So we spent our anniversary rendezvous whispering sweet nothings (although, I sound more like a frog, a sexy frog I hope), and there were plenty of kisses everywhere else. Cheeks, shoulders, hands, you know. Pretty PG.

Wicked was...absolutely wicked! We both loved it. The elaborate set, the knock-out costumes, the witty story, and the unreal talent was totally amazing, would see it again in a second. Now, we're off to the lake for the weekend. Morgan has been out there for a few days already with Nana and Papa, so I'm excited to see my little cupcake. She called me this morning all excited for her 18th golf cart ride around the ring today. She's a pro at steering those bad boys (everyone and their dog has one out there). She's a rebel without a cause but to maybe feel the wind whip through her 3 wisps of hair. Kidding, she has more than that, even though its still a seriously cute baby mullet. Ringlets to die for in the back and as straight as straw in the front. A true statement of toddler coolness.

This morning, I'm sipping on lemon and honey tea and setting some goals to when I'm going to lose this remaining 15-pounds of baby weight. I used to be a yummy mommy, now all I got is a not so yummy tummy. Cove was just so big, my poor tummy got huge. Like LARGE. Oh well, it'll come. I'm working on it everyday, even with this nasty cold. I sound like a terrified tugboat in the shower. A rampant parade of honking to work those boogies up from my toes. Satisfyingly gross really. Never mind when my milk comes in and my nipples become perky little sprinklers. Oh yeah, I'm one leaky lady. On the bright side, all I have to do is cry and pee all at the same time and maybe I'll lose that 15-pounds sooner! Don't be totally disgusted, I'll throw some bleach in there sometime...soon. It all goes down the drain with all that hot water anyways, right. Not a big bleach fan. More of a vinegar kind of gal. If I'm feeling naughty, I like to get into the Comet- damn that stuff works good. Anyways...

Cove's my little Gremlin today, or at least sounds like one (much cuter of course). He's busy grunting and grimacing, trying to kick out some gas. Darn gas. If only farting was easier for those little babes, like it is for us ripper adults. Ha. Anyways, I'll leave you with that lovelies. Happy friday. Have a wonderful weekend! xo

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