Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting Ready...

This weekend, my husband will be taking my maternity pictures here at home, its just been finding the time to capture this sweet babe still in my belly. The weeks are counting down and still so much to do. But really...I've let go of some stress by thinking to myself- all this baby really needs is my breast and our love- oh and diapers- yes, diapers are essential. Morgan has been baby crazy, rocking her Glowworm to sleep, singing- "Rock-a-baby, treetruck. shhhh, shhh, night, night." Truly adorable in her tiny voice, eyes half closed, with this look of total calm. I have a feeling she will be my side every step of the way, wanting to do everything herself, raising her sister or brother with me. She doesn't miss a beat, and getting her to bed is hard enough already never mind when this baby comes. No way she is going to retreat to her room while mommy and daddy are still up with baby- ha! Not our 'Captain Morgan'. WANTED: king-sized bed, like now please.

Should be interesting, but heart exploding and exhausting all in the same messy, wonderful parcel. For now, we wait and WORK to get this house and nursery ready, but again, my mantra is breast and love...if it all doesn't get done. Oh and my birth mantra, "Speed and ease." So looking forward to our home birth. Today Morgan and I are cooking up a few after-baby feasts- hardy chicken soup, shepherds pie... easy to freeze and oh so nourishing after half your body has come undone- starting over, building new blood, hormones, inner-sanity and some sense of balance. No matter how sore I ever feel now (which really isn't bad at all, only in bed), it wont compare to how I feel the days following the birth. So I am enjoying every ounce of my uncomfortableness. I just feel so blessed I am able to share my body. With your first, ignorance is bliss! I know what is to come...but all that means is that I get to meet this package of love in my I will miss his or her warmth and kicks, but fall in love with actually holding my sweet babe, kissing new feet and tiny fingers. Can't believe I'm about to meet my destiny. Satin skinned, dimpled bum.

A babe in the house is a well-spring of pleasure,

a messenger of peace and love,

a resting place for innocence on earth,

a link between angels and men"

-Martin Fraquhar Tupper


Blog- Kiss the Groom

1. nine months feels like the blink of an eye and forever all at the same time…. 2. no matter how uncomfortable you feel with your body, you’ll miss being pregnant later….. 3. feeling your baby kick for the first time is similar to your first kiss, all butterflies and smiles…. 4. pillows are sent from heaven & can help you get a few comfortable moments in bed every night…. 5. a glass of wine every now & then is really okay…. 6. nap whenever the feeling comes over you, when your little ones arrives you can only rest when they do…. 7. rub oils & lotions on your beautiful belly all the time, even if it cannot prevent stretch marks, it sure feels nice…. 8. chocolate is a critically important food group…. 9. appreciate your breasts, nursing will change them forever….10. pregnancy is as sexy as you want it to be, so wear your little lacy night gown & love every little bit of your amble curves…..

Like a round loaf...I kneaded you, patted you,
greased you smooth, floured you."
-Judit Toth

Love this little note I found on pinterest, may have to do it up in Photoshop and hang it on the wall. How life affirming.

I still call Morgan my baby. I find I switch back and forth from 'my baby', to 'my little girl'. But, she'll always be my baby. I'm excited to have a wee, wee one in our home again, falling asleep on our chests. Then they get all, as my birth mother calls it, 'sleepy warm'. In other words- bliss. This pic is from Morgan's 1st Christmas- so, so precious. I can't believe how much her hair has grown, she was such a baldy. Except for the dark George Costanza ring around the back that eventually lightened or fell out.

He, he.

May have to do my own version of this one too. So good.

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