Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Passion Is What the Sun Feels for the Earth

"Passion is what the sun feels for the earth," the Victorian poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox wrote in 1880. Well, we got a another dump of snow...of course. But, its melting quickly and this means we can start working on our landscaping and finishing the exterior of the house! I am so excited to whip the rest of this place into summer shape.

Snow, snow, go away, don't come back another day. I'm sorry, but its felt like the longest winter. I bet Peter Rabbit wouldn't be too happy if he had to hide all his eggs in the snow... although they do look rather pretty.

A little sign hanging on my Alice clock, pointing to Morgan's room.
She loves it and gets all excited, hoping all the way into
her room to play with her bunnies.

My goofy and oh so loveable husband can't help but jump into Morgan's crib for playtime. Its hilarious. Her Jenny Lind crib is vintage and I swear it was made by the army- freaken strong! Morgan gets such a kick out of having daddy snuggled in next to her. God, I love my husband.

Reading, Strawberry Shortcake's First Easter.

Last week, I asked Brydon to snap some casual pics of my ever-growing belly. Not overly excited to share, but here I am at 29-weeks! I still have just over 2-months to go and I look like I could be due tomorrow! Boy oh boy, this baby is living large. 'Hope you're enjoying your space sweetheart, cause mama feels like she's going to burst.' Heartburn city.

Other than that, feeling pretty darn good. Although, teaching yoga has gotten tricky, tricky. Next Monday is my last week. Bittersweet, but I feel like a hippo getting in and out of some of those postures. Will carry on with a gentler home practice, preparing for our home-birth!

Our midwife, Noreen Walker (who we had for our natural water-birth with Morgan) has been delivering babies from home for 37-years. I trust her with my life. Never lost a mom or a baby. This woman is DA GURU. Can't wait to welcome our new bundle into our very own home, and sleep in my own bed! After learning more about a home birth, it just feels so right for us.

More to come soon.

Photo Credit: Kiss the Groom

I love riding my bike through the river valley when the weather warms up. Its my favourite thing about living in Edmonton. I may have to fix my tire though. Our bikes were parked in front of my car for months, may have crashed into them once or twice or more. Whoopsie. Hope they're ok. Anyways, our trail system is phenomenal and it feels like you've escaped the city. A perfect adventure for our family on balmy Sundays.

Goal- get a Chariot Carrier so we can strap both kiddies in and be on our way. Anyone selling one secondhand? After that, head home for some grilled spring salmon and sparkling orange juleps (Reece Witherspoon's fab feature drink from her recent wedding, not quite sure what they are, but they looked refreshingly delish in the magazine).

In the mean time, mixing up concoctions, perfume oils, honey salves, and taking pics of my jewelry to put on Etsy. So excited to open my little store! Stay tuned lovelies.

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